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What does bitcoin have to do with tourism? Minister of El Salvador responds

Key facts:
  • For Minister Valdez, people are getting to know El Salvador better thanks to bitcoin.

  • Valdez participated this Tuesday in the conference Adopting Bitcoin.

What is the relationship between bitcoin and tourism? The Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Ileana Valdez, has a forceful answer: both things have everything to do with it.

One of the keys to the relationship between both elements is precisely what was the entry point for cryptocurrency in the Central American country: it was a tourist community that sowed the germ for the adoption of bitcoin as the legal currency of a country for the first time in history.

Valdez’s words are one of many that emanate from El Salvador this week, full of events dedicated to Bitcoin. Valdez participated this Tuesday, November 16, in one of the two events that brings together bitcoiners in the Central American country: Adopting Bitcoin, a conference dedicated especially to the Lightning payment channel network, one of the Bitcoin solutions to make transactions almost instantly and at a very low cost.

For the Salvadoran minister, bitcoin and tourism (the area she is in charge of within the government) are closely related. And in the case of El Salvador, it makes a lot of sense. As Valdez recalled, before becoming legal tender, the cryptocurrency was adopted in Bitcoin Beach, a project developed in the tourist area of ​​El Zonte.

Therefore, he said, when he heard from President Nayib Bukele that the country would adopt cryptocurrency, his first thought was: “well, this is not new for tourism.”

“Bitcoin is the best thing that has happened to us here, in El Salvador”

Minister Valdez claimed during her participation in the bitcoiner event that tourism is a tool through which “we explore our origin, our identity, our places, our destinations.” And although that brings very positive things, a trip can also bring fears of the unknown. Valdez considered that bitcoin has those same properties.

It is said that one of the obstacles that human beings have to progress is the fear of the new, the fear of the intangible. When they criticize bitcoin, ‘what is not seen, what is it like’, I always say “explore it”, do as when you are going to know a new place, fall in love with that place.

Morena Ileana Valdez, Minister of Tourism of El Salvador

In addition to this, the government representative already exposed in more tangible terms that bitcoin has helped to greatly increase the flow of tourists to the country. In just over two months since bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador, the minister said, They have become leaders in the region in terms of the entry of foreign visitors. This flow of tourists, Valdez finally acknowledged, gives his country a new opportunity.

When they ask me what bitcoin has to do with tourism, I say everything. Because through this, they are getting to know us better. Bitcoin is the best thing that has happened to us here in El Salvador.

Morena Ileana Valdez, Minister of Tourism of El Salvador.

In addition to Adopting Bitcoin, this week is taking place in the Salvadoran capital, San Salvador, LaBitConf. In both events, CriptoNoticias is present to bring you the most outstanding news and events.

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