Sunday, September 19

What does the yellow traffic light mean for volcanic risk?

The General Directorate of Security and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands has declared this Monday the situation of yellow alert for volcanic risk on the island of La Palma due to the increase in seismic activity in the Cumbre Vieja area.

The pretty island has been registering earthquakes detected in said demarcation of the territory since last weekend, an activity that “represents a significant change in the Cumbre Vieja volcano and is related to a process of magmatic intrusion inside the crust of the island of La Palma ”, explains Nemesio Pérez, scientific coordinator of the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

The municipalities affected by this alert are Los Llanos de Aridane, Fuencaliente, El Paso and Mazo, but What does this change in the volcanic hazard traffic light mean?

According the Canary Volcanoes Association, the yellow traffic light indicates to the public that they must be alert and aware of what the Authorities say. It should be noted that the residents of these municipalities can continue with their normal activities.

Among the recommendations established in the yellow traffic light, the aim is to review the family emergency plan. If the family includes the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities, pregnant women or any other mobility or health problem, they must communicate it to the authorities that manage the Local Emergency Plan.

If the Local Emergency Plan contemplates the evacuation of the area in which you live and can stay with a family member or in a second residence, you must inform the authorities.

Renew the series of basic items that will be used in the event that the emergency situation alters their normal living conditions: first aid kit together with the medicines that a family member takes regularly, reserve food and water, receiver radio, flashlight, candles, spare batteries, lighter and matches, hygiene items, agenda with contact numbers and emergency services.

Finally, if you have livestock or any type of animals, you should consult with the Authorities or Civil Protection what to do with them in case of evacuation.

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