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What happened to NFL player Tom Brady and a Surface tablet? | Digital Trends Spanish

Legendary Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady expressed his frustration with a Microsoft Surface, the official NFL tablet, creating a moment that went viral on social media. What happened to NFL player Tom Brady and a Surface tablet? We will tell you right away:

It all dates back to the NFL matchday 15 game, played between the Tampa Bay Buacaneros and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints played a flawless defensive game that resulted in Brady being shut out for the first time in their history at home, ending a 255-game streak in which Tom Brady has scored. On top of that, he left with an interception.

Tom Brady vs Microsoft Tablet

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His poor performance ended in an episode of frustration in which Brady insulted his coach, Bruce Arians, and once on the bench, he whipped a Microsoft Surface tablet, the official NFL tablet.

But of course, since the NFL is a game after all, Tom Brady had no choice but to joke about his tantrum on the podcast Let’s go, in which he shares microphones with fellow NFL player Larry Fitzgerald and sportscaster Jim Gray. “I didn’t want the tablet to end up intercepted, so I made sure it ended up on the floor,” joked Brady, who also acknowledged that he was warned by the NFL. If you hit a Surface again, you will be fined.

And the Surface wasn’t guilty of anything. In fact, Microsoft’s tablet has been a tool that Brady relied on during his time with the Patriots.

Mind you, remember that Surface tablets are fantastic devices (Surface laptops are, too). If you get frustrated, don’t throw yours away. No one will notice you, but we doubt that the NFL will give you unites.

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