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What happened to the real characters in Narcos: Mexico? | Digital Trends Spanish

The premiere of the third season of Narcos: Mexico became a trend on social networks and one of the most anticipated returns for Netflix.

In recent weeks, the platform’s fiction has made headlines since its creator, Carlo Bernard, reported that these ten chapters would be the last of the series.

“For me, stopping at the moment when we had entered the world we live in today made sense, thematically and narratively. We definitely don’t want to repeat ourselves, ”said Bernard in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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A) Yes, Narcos: Mexico says goodbye to the audience at a good time, however, many questions remain, especially what happened in real life with the characters who gave life to the production and who are part of the history of drug trafficking in Mexico.

Félix Gallardo: The Godfather

One of the most important characters of the first season. He is portrayed by Mexican actor Diego Luna (Rogue one).

Gallardo, also known as “The Chief of Chiefs”, is considered one of the pioneers in the history of drug trafficking in Mexico, creator of the Guadalajara cartel. He was the first to maintain contact with Colombians and traffic cocaine to U.S.

In 1989, Gallardo was arrested and the cartel was led by Rafael Caro Quintero. Currently, El Padrino is serving a sentence in the high security prison of the Altiplano, in Almoloya de Juárez, Mexico.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes: “The Lord of the Skies”

Partner of Pablo Escobar and leader of the Juárez cartel. It received that nickname since it used its fleet of planes to transport the drug, among which were several Boeing 727 aircraft.

Carrillo Fuentes was intensely wanted by the authorities, forcing him to flee through South America, which led him to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Back in Mexico, he passed away in 1997 after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Amado Carrilo is portrayed by José María Yazpik in the Netflix series.

Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada

He is one of the leaders of the Sinaola cartel and one of the most wanted drug traffickers in the world. It is estimated that his death or capture could cause a true “bloodbath” due to the takeover of the Sinaola cartel. According to the authorities, it would be an “unprecedented” war in Mexico.

El Mayo just appears in the third season of Narcos and is played by actor Alberto Guerra.

Joaquín “El Chapo Guzmán”

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Another of the leaders of the Sinaola cartel. El Chapo is considered one of the most important and recognized drug traffickers in the world.

In the third season we can see the conflict he had with the Tijuana cartel and his first arrest in 1993, however, he managed to escape eight years later.

At that time, El Chapo became the second most wanted man by the FBI and Interpol after Osama Bin Laden.

In 2014, Guzmán was arrested again, but again he escaped, this time from the maximum security prison of El Altiplano.

Finally, the leader of the Sinaola cartel was captured in 2016 and extradited to the United States.

In the series, El Chapo is played by Alejandro Edda, who has surprised by his physical resemblance to the drug dealer.

Benjamin Arellano Felix

He is considered one of the leaders and founders of the Tijuana cartel. Its importance grows after the arrest of Félix Gallardo in 1989.

In January 2012, he pleads guilty to organized crime and conspiracy to launder money, being sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In the Netflix series, the character is played by Alfonso Dosal.

Ramon Arellano Felix

The Arellano Félix brothers. Reuters

Another of the founders of the Tijuana cartel. He is known for being one of the most ruthless characters in drug trafficking.

He was assassinated in February 2002, in the middle of the Mazatlán carnival, when he was one of the most wanted “capos” in Mexico.

The actor Manuel Masalva is the one who plays Ramón in the Netflix fiction.

Enedina Arellano Felix

Along with her brothers, she also participated in the founding of the Tijuana cartel and became a logistics accountant for the organization.

She was considered the most powerful woman in the drug business during the 1990s. According to a DEA report, Enedina is the leader of the organization as of 2008.

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