Tuesday, October 19

What has been a useful fool

Antonio Miguel Carmona is a peculiar character. Doctor in Economics, professor at the Universidad San Pablo CEU, pilot, lieutenant in the Air Force, socialist and jacarandoso. A regular on television gatherings -not because of his membership card but because of his free verse for the PSOE-, he has not held any organic or institutional position for years, but he likes to boast of maintaining regular contact with Pedro Sánchez and his ministers, as well as a long list of entrepreneurs and publishers. Tell me what you brag about …

He does not represent the PSOE or its militancy, and not because Ferraz said so, which in this case is true, but because he himself denies in public and in private government policies, whatever they may be. There is the video library to prove that years ago the one who was head of the list for the Madrid City Council first abjured Pedro Sánchez when he removed him from the municipal spokesperson after losing the municipal elections; later, on the path his party was walking and always on the government’s measures.

His appointment as vice president of Iberdrola is not a revolving door. Nothing is further from it. Carmona has not been dedicated to politics for a long time, but to the television show, where all his bosses cheered the PSOE. He did not hold any public office. In short, there is no conflict of interest between the public and private spheres, for personal benefit or detriment to the public interest.

He has every right to earn a living both as a regular critic of hegemonic socialism on television sets and as vice president of an electricity company, although he knows as much about energy as Iván Redondo about political communication, as he demonstrated in his interview with Évole. Both are salesmen of smoke, pretentious, tricksters and professional salesmen in the service of themselves from whom someone buys the merchandise until their boasting betrays them and they are diluted like sugar in water.

In politics and in the PSOE, Carmona fell out of favor long before Redondo, who now seeks accommodation, no longer as spin doctor, but as a pen, waiting for some Sánchez Galán in life to use him, with forgiveness, as a useful fool, which is what the president of Iberdrola has done with the former socialist councilor. A useful fool is understood as one who, believing himself the nucleus and focus of thought or cause, is unaware of the hidden motivations of those who take advantage of him.

The “signing” of Carmona is not a revolving door, but a provocation by the president of one of the electricity companies that the Government has decided to put an end to their profits to reduce the astronomical electricity bill. Coincidentally, the most virulent in its criticism of the decree approved by the Council of Ministers. And Carmona has not received – as the enthusiasts of alternative narratives say – any commission from the Executive to act as a mediator in the open conflict with the electricity companies, nor has he received the congratulations of any minister or the approval of any socialist. Quite the opposite. In the Government they do not even consider it. And in the PSOE, they have dispatched his appointment with genuine scathing. From the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, through the president of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, to the spokesperson in the Senate, Eva Granados, all stormed against Carmona, after the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, opened on Sunday the spigot: “I have nothing against Iberdrola or against Carmona. But if the news of his signing is confirmed, it seems to me a bad message the one emitted by both.” Those who followed him on the offensive were not so much contained in some reflections than the former councilman, whom since the summer he came out in defense of Iberdrola after the draining of the reservoirs in Extremadura to produce energy as profitable as possible, neither fu nor fa . By using the same doctrine, “there are people who have value and people who have a price”, and his will be paid by Sánchez Galán from now on.


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