Wednesday, August 4

What if it happens again?

More than a year has passed, but now the Constitutional Court has come to say that the confinements at home to which the state of alarm of the first wave of the pandemic forced us they were unconstitutional. Illegal. The state of alarm does not allow “suspending” freedom of movement so drastically, say most of the magistrates, although the court has been divided and despite the fact that the law that regulates the state of alarm quotes verbatim that it is planned for “epidemics” .

What should the government have done then? Declare the state of exception and not that of alarm, says the sentence. A state of exception, however, is much slower to pass and only lasts a maximum of 60 days. We had to be locked in for 98 days to be able to bend the curve. The alternative proposed by the Constitutional Court would have forced the lifting of restrictions in Spain with more than 100 deaths a day. We tell it here.

And now that? Well, beyond the fines that have to be returned (practical doubts, here), the far-reaching consequences are political: how is any government going to proceed in the future when, hopefully not, another pandemic occurs? Will be tied hand and foot,

  • Vox sells this as a trump because, even though they voted in favor of the state of alarm, then they denounced him in court as a symbol of the social-communist dictatorship of Pedro Sánchez. It is impossible to be wrong when one does one thing and the opposite.

Justice rules

The autonomous governments they are also at the expense of what the judges say to ride out the fifth wave. Catalonia has asked the Justice to give it permission to impose night curfew in Barcelona and 157 other municipalities. We will see how the regional courts react after the Constitutional ruling. In the Canary Islands, in fact, has already rejected it.

And more. Cantabria asks the judge for a curfew and limited meetings. In Galicia, nightlife venues have to ask for PCR or vaccination to be able to enter the interiors. In Euskadi, they try to avoid the judicial filter and announce limitations for mass activities, without a curfew. Y In the Balearic Islands, blow it: England once again puts the islands as an unsafe destination.

  • Rectification. The Junta de Andalucía has had to go out and rectify its own vice president, who yesterday assured that 72% of the patients admitted to the ICU in Andalusia were “deniers” between 50 and 60 years old who had not wanted to be vaccinated. The data is incorrect, yesterday we quoted him in the bulletin and it attracted a lot of attention, of course. But to clarify: there are 63% of hospitalized who are not vaccinated, but for various reasons; there are those who have refused, but also incomplete guidelines and young people who have not yet been touched.


Do not pass

  • Aids. Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra says she wants to extend maternity and paternity leave to six months. Now there are four. In addition, a grant would be approved for each child that is had to promote the birth rate and prevent child poverty. Dates and details.
  • Cars without gasoline By 2035, sustainable flights and it will be expensive to pollute. The program of an ecosocialist party? Not, Brussels plans to get closer to climate goals. Let’s see if they comply.
  • The embodied difference. We have a President of the Government that where a steak is put to remove everything else and we have a Vice President of the Government that does not eat meat.
  • Merkel is leaving and in October there are elections in Germany. Here it goes an interview to the candidate’s successor to the chancellor in the conservative party, who says: “There will be no talks with the right-wing populist parties.”
  • Floors. A sentence has rejected the jail request that a real estate agency was doing against two people for commenting on their homes in a forum. The way is being paved towards an idea that I hope someone will develop because they will have my sword: a tenant forum to leave comments about the house and the landlord that the next ones that come for rent can see. As in AirBnb but for long term rentals. “We were fine, but the landlady runs away from all the repairs.”


Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the concept of facial pareidolia, which is basically the tendency that humans have to see faces everywhere, on a wall, in a cloud, in a sewer, on a piece of bread. It is born from the permanent human instinct to identify who we are close to. The funny thing is that, as it happens with real faces in our subconscious, if we see a smiling screw we get happy and if we see a sad car then we collapse a bit. Seen in The Guardian.
  • He did not know that the fireflies are synchronized as a group to shine all at once, coupling their flashes in a kind of intermittent choreography. Scientists have been researching how they do this for decades and come to a seemingly simple conclusion: insects are capable of seeing and copying the rhythm and trend of the moment. That ‘fashion’ is spreading throughout the network. Unlike other species, the males prefer to cooperate to attract the attention of the females collectively, rather than going each on their own with their little lights and their dances. Read in Vozpopuli.
  • Did not know this concept but now I love it: “shrinkflation“, Which in Spanish can be called … Reduflation. It’s like price inflation, only instead of raising the price of things, which low is the amount of product that is sold at the same price. Examples: toilet paper rolls that bring less paper for the same money; Salad tapas at 6 euros that are increasingly scarce; French fries packets that bring more air than before. To consume the same as before, we have to spend more money.

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