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What if the Big Brother Brasil prize was in Bitcoin?

One page did a survey on how much Big Brother Brasil winners would have had if they had bought Bitcoin with the prize they received. The “Investidor Dollynho” page created on Instagram, gathering almost 100 thousand followers, is based on investments, economy and memes.

One of the sectors they follow is cryptocurrencies, where they share content about Bitcoin and altcoins.

Those who invest in the Brazilian stock market can also find jokes and information through the profile, which uses the profile image of “Dollynho”, the mascot of Dolly, a Brazilian beverage company that launched this one in 2008, but its strange appearance and irritating voice ended up taking it to be linked to memes on the internet and give rise to various profiles of jokes.

Big Brother Brazil Prize in Bitcoin? Winners could have multiplied value

Many people wonder what they would do if they won Big Brother Brasil and won R$ 1 million. This amount is certainly not much more with the country’s inflation levels in 2022, but if well applied it can give good long-term returns.

In this way, the Investidor Dollynho page presented its followers about what would be the value in Bitcoin today if the winners of Big Brother Brasil would have if they had applied when they received their prize.

The first would be Maria Melilo, winner of BBB 11, who won R$ 1.5 million on March 29 of that year, who could have invested in Bitcoin and have BRL 7 billion today.

The second cited by the page in its survey was Gleici Damasceno, who won the BBB 18, receiving the prize of R$ 1.5 million on April 19, 2018. If he had bought everything in the largest digital currency in the world, its value today would be of R$ 12.9 million.

However, earnings are not only available to those who bought too early. This is because the winner of the penultimate edition of the BBB 20, Thelma Assis, could have had BRL 8.5 million if she had believed in Bitcoin to keep her prize in a store of value.

The last one mentioned by the meme page, but who was very serious in his survey, was Cézar Lima, who won the BBB 15 and could have R$ 431 million today as equity. It is important to remember that this study shows that in the long term Bitcoin has operated on a high in recent years, but not all investors can buy R$ 1 million or more.

Even so, the chance to multiply the value in relation to the Brazilian Real proved to be the highlight of the survey, remembering that the Brazilian currency has lost a lot of value over the years.

Is Bitcoin more popular than BBB on the internet?

On January 17th, Big Brother Brasil 22 started and the prize pool will once again be R$ 1.5 million. Soon, your winner will have to choose the best way to protect and multiply the value for the coming years, which promise high inflation all over the world.

But even in the early days, searches for Big Brother Brasil on Google did not surpass those for Bitcoin, and it was only in the program’s debut that searches exceeded, according to Google data gathered by the Livecoins.

Bitcoin draws more attention to Brazilians between January 15th and 22nd, 2022 than Big Brother Brasil /Credit: Google Trends

It is worth remembering that to buy Bitcoin, it is important to study the market fundamentals and see if it makes sense to invest in this technology that has given good returns in the past.