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What If …?: This is the new Marvel and Disney Plus series | Digital Trends Spanish

Next August, Disney Plus users will be able to see the premiere of a new production based on the Marvel universe. Is about What If…? (in Spanish, What would happen if…?), an animated series that will show some alternate stories of many of the most well-known characters.

The first episode will premiere on August 11 and will be the first animated series based on the modern version of Marvel heroes and the cinematic universe that is already more than a decade old.

On What If…? It will show what happens if some important events of the MCU happen differently than what has been seen in movies or series. And several examples of this are seen in the trailer, such as in the opening scene of Iron Man in which Tony Stark is saved from the explosion by Erik Killmonger, who was the villain of the film. Black panther.

Among the protagonists will be, in addition to Killmonger himself, Peggy Carter, Doctor Strange, T’Challa, Thor and more. And the fact of being animated makes it possible to revisit and recreate situations already seen before and without the limitations of typical productions. live action, which in turn builds an interesting premise for such a series.

The chapters will be released on a weekly basis, as it has been with most productions for Disney Plus. The series will be directed by Bryan Andrews, while Ashley Bradley will be the lead writer for the entire production.

What If…? It has the potential to be one of the MCU’s most eye-catching series on Disney Plus, which could help keep people from leaving the service the way they have lately.

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