Thursday, March 30

What intelligence analysts have seen in satellite photos: It’s not all tanks and the battle won’t be short

The long Russian armored convoy heading towards Kiev, which has been captured with satellite images by the US company Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR.N), is being analyzed in detail by specialists to try to shed some light on the most immediate Russia.

The British company McKenzie Intelligence Services, specializing in satellite image analysis, has published a report on these photographs in which, According to Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent, the following is highlighted:

  • The convoy of vehicles would not be 64 km long, but would mostly be made up of a series of “logistic packages” distributed along a main road that tries to get material from Belarus to the Russian units that are near Kyiv.
  • According to this company, the convoy appears to be slowed down at various points by damaged vehicles.
  • The column consists of some armored vehicles, tanks and combat tanks, but it would mainly be made up of logistics vehicles.
  • According to security analysts, this could imply that Russia has more than “a short battle” in its plans.

In addition, images examined by MIS reveal that there is a battalion of Russian paratroopers entrenched around Antonov Airfield in Hostomel, Ukraine’s most important international cargo airport and a key military airbase near Kiev.

According to information collected by the BBC, specialists estimate that, at the moment, most of the Russian artillery is out of reach of a large part of the capital.

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR.N) are documenting the progress of the convoy and being distributed by agencies such as EFE or Reuters. At first, it was estimated that the row of military vehicles was about 27 km long, but this Tuesday it was calculated that it exceeds 64 km, according to Maxar.

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