Friday, January 28

What is bitcoin? and Squid Game among the most searched in Google this 2021 | Digital Trends Spanish

Google is one of the best trend setters and the best proof of this is its summaries with the most searched for each year. The technology company revealed which have been the terms and topics that aroused the most interest in Spanish this year in the United States.

As expected, they highlighted issues related to the pandemic such as the stimulus check, the arrival of its refund and the origin of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But they were not the only ones. Questions about financial matters such as What is bitcoin?, How to invest in the stock market?, How to invest in bitcoin? or How to sell on amazon? They were also among the most searched topics in 2021.

Also issues related to sexuality such as What is panxesual? or What is heterosexual? They grew in searches after the singer Demi Lovato declared herself as a non-binary gender in March 2021.

Other popular topics were Who won in georgia? after the state gave an unexpected turn to the Democratic party and Where was Luis Miguel born? for the premiere of Luis Miguel: The Series.

He could not miss entering the search podium Squid Game, Netflix’s Korean drama that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Along with him, other themes such as NBA, DMX, Gabby Petito, Kyle Rittenhouse, Brian Laudrie, Mega Millions and AMC Stock were searched hard.

Google also highlights the most searched movies and recipes in Spanish in the US Among the first group are Pray for us (The Unholy), The Civil, Run (Run). In the case of recipes, meatballs and beef birria almost took flan from the podium as the most sought after recipe in 2021.

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