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What is Google’s Dynamic World?: A Map of Earth’s Activity | Digital Trends Spanish

A new feature in Google Earth was launched this Thursday, June 9, it is about Dynamic Worlda collection of real-time satellite images that deliver quantifiable information on how natural and human activities on Earth are becoming.

“To help turn satellite images into more useful information for quantifying change, we worked with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to create Dynamic World. Powered by Google Earth Engine and AI Platform, Dynamic World provides near real-time global land cover data at ten meter resolution, providing an unprecedented level of detail about what is on earth and how it is being used, be it forests in the Amazon, agriculture in Asia, urban development in Europe, or seasonal water resources in North America. With this information, people, as well as scientists and policymakers, can monitor and understand the land and ecosystems so they can make more accurate predictions and effective plans to protect our planet in the future.” Google.

Currently, most existing data sets assign a single land cover type to a land area, such as trees, built-up, crops, or snow, based on what is most prominent on a satellite image combined with determining a land cover expert So current data sets might classify a satellite image of a city as “built up,” but visit any city and you’ll see that our world is much more dynamic. While you may see many buildings, you will also see trees or even snow on the ground from a recent storm.

“To create a more accurate understanding of land cover with Dynamic World, we identified the nine most critical land cover types that we wanted to classify: water, flooded vegetation, built-up areas, trees, crops, bare soil, grass, shrubs/shrubs, and snow / ice. Dynamic World uses our AI and cloud computing to detect combinations of different land cover types and draw conclusions about the probability that each of the nine types is present in each pixel (approximately 1,100 square feet of land) in a satellite image » adds Google.

Dynamic World uses an AI model that analyzes satellite images Copernicus Sentinel-2 as they become available, more than 5,000 images are produced every day, providing land cover data dating back to June 2015 as recently as two days ago.

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