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What is Horizon Worlds? The first metaverse of Facebook-Meta

Horizon Worlds is the first virtual reality metaverse created by Meta, formerly Facebook. Currently, it is available in the United States and Canada and can only be used if Meta’s virtual glasses are available: Oculus Quest. The average price of these glasses ranges between 350 and 450 euros. In this metaverse, users can walk around with their avatars and interact virtually with other people but, for now, it has nothing to do with blockchain, or cryptocurrencies. It is quite similar to the well-known Roblox platform, but in virtual reality.

What is Horizon Worlds, the first Facebook metaverse

As in Roblox, in Horizon Worlds users can create their own virtual worlds and their own games within these scenarios. In this way, avatars can travel between worlds created by users, while virtually interacting with the inhabitants of each of these places. Although it is still in the testing phase, it can be used to gauge Facebook’s future intentions with the metaverse.

The boundaries of sex and death in the metaverse

Facebook and virtual reality

As in the famous Spielberg movie “Ready Player One”, Facebook’s metaverse seems to be geared towards the use of virtual reality. Today, most metaverses, such as Decentraland or Roblox, do not have this technology incorporated. The fact that Meta / Facebook has restricted entry to Horizon Worlds to users who only have virtual glasses from their own company hints at Zuckerberg’s desire for its format to dominate the future of metaverses.

Big New Years Eve Party in the Decentraland metaverse for the world’s inmate

It is a much more immersive technology and aligned with the idealized vision that we have of metaverses. Although its use is currently limited to video games and entertainment, the goal of Facebook is that it also serves to establish social and work relationships in metaverses.

Sexual harassment in Horizon Worlds

In any case, the advanced immersion shown has already earned Meta-Facebook the first important warning. Within days of its release, multiple media outlets reported a sexual harassment case on Horizon Worlds. A user reported having been randomly groped by a strange avatar in said virtual space. Sexual harassment is not new to the internet, but the metaverse and virtual reality take it to a new level. In response, Facebook limited itself to saying that for such circumstances there is a button with which a bubble known as the “Safe Zone” is activated. A tool that prevents other avatars from interacting with you for a while.

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