Thursday, December 8

What is Santander’s new SuperClub + program like and what benefits it offers for summer 2022

With the new format, As the customer scores points, they level up. Each level has more and better exclusive benefits in different brands and sectors, which you can access without the need to use the points. The accumulated points can be exchanged for prizes, products, trips, savings wildcards, credit cards and much more.

Gamification (gamification or playable mechanics in contexts other than those of a game) applied to the new SuperClub + program, is used regularly in different sectors, and seeks to involve the client, making their experience more fun and personalized.

SuperClub + bases its design on the user experience, to generate a greater attraction and the possibility that the client can choose the challenges that suit him best to score points and reach a new level.

Another innovation of the program is the application of the concept of hyper-personalization, which aims to solve the specific needs of each SuperClub + customer. This new experience has been developed thanks to the application of machine learning models for the recommendation of benefits. On the one hand, the most popular ones are recommended and, on the other, personalized benefits are recommended, more akin to each person, based on information on consumption.

“We renewed our SuperClub program, which is now called SuperClub + and allows us to reward more and better customers who use the bank’s products and services the most. Now, customers can meet challenges, add points and level up, to access more savings and be able to exchange their points for rewards tailored to their needs “, says Gabriela Balestrieri, Manager of Marketing, Value Proposition and Loyalty of Santander Argentina.

What benefits does SuperClub + offer for summer 2022

The SuperClub + campaign will also feature actions throughout the summer in Mar del Plata and Pinamar, including 20% discounts and 3 interest-free installments on hiring shades (lounge chairs, umbrellas, tents) for customers on the Gastronomic Route and in paradores such as UFO Point, Costa Galana, La Caseta and Kota Beach.

This summer, Santander also offers benefits in gastronomic routes with 20% savings for all its customers and 25% savings for Santander Select customers, without a cap, every day, using Santander Visa in restaurants located on the Atlantic Coast. In addition, 30% savings in selected ice cream parlors, exclusively with American Express Cards.

In line with its commitment to reduce environmental impact, from the first week of January, Santander will once again carry out a beach cleaning campaign to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. Also, it will support public and private lifeguards through the delivery of uniforms that they will use during the season.

The new campaign with Damián Betular can be seen in audiovisual media, Spotify, Waze, Youtube, Instagram and will also have a challenge on TikTok.