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What is the Bloktopia (BLOK) metaverse built on top of Polygon?

Bloktopia is a decentralized virtual reality metaverse built on top of the Polygon blockchain (MATIC). The metaverse replicates a 21-story skyscraper with real estate blocks for sale on each of these floors. Users who buy a space will be able to rent them to show advertising, build games, create galleries, disseminate about their projects, etc. The platform claims that its main objective is to facilitate learning about cryptocurrencies in an open and friendly environment, as well as offering users virtual lands full of opportunities.

What is the Bloktopia metaverse (BLOK)

Unlike other open world metaverses, such as Decentraland or The Sandbox, Bloktopia groups the entire metaverse into a single building. The idea is that the skyscraper acts as a central hub and allows all users to be welcomed, based on their cryptographic experience. In this way, users can start by learning the basics of critpography and end with enough knowledge to build networks, earn income through real estate or advertising. The goal is to enable an immersive experience that helps build a crypto community for the future.

Different levels

The skyscraper is divided into 3 levels, according to the theme. The first level is the welcoming one and, therefore, the one with the greatest influx. This level has a helpdesk, a calendar of events, a panel with the prices of cryptocurrencies, etc. Also, at this level will be found all the most important critical companies and individuals. From exchanges like Binance or Coingecko to crypto influencers who will provide advice to users.

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The rest of the building is divided into two areas: a space for games and an auditorium. In the games area you can play different multiplayer games or access the area reserved for people over 18, where you can bet BLOK tokens at the casino or at poker. Finally, the auditorium area will feature interactive video presentations, crypto talks, and various events where you can earn BLOK for attending.


In the metaverse of Bloktopia you can generate income, mainly, in two ways. In the first place, generating passive earnings through the rental of advertising blocks. That is, you buy a block within the metaverse, and you rent it to a company to promote itself in that space for a while. Second, participating in the different activities that the metaverse will offer. From games to interactive classes.

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El token BLOK

The project’s native token is the BLOK token, which was launched on October 6. The price of the token reached a maximum price of $ 0.18 on October 31, but is currently down 34% from its maximum price. As of press time, it is listed at $0,12.

The BLOK token is necessary to buy or rent any property within the platform. With the BLOK token you can access unique events within the metaverse. Bloktopia plans to introduce a government token called BLOKG, as a step prior to its decentralization and allowing users to vote.

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Origins and team

The Bloktopia metaverse is still in a very early stage and nothing testable has yet been developed. However, the investors and the team behind the project suggest a comfortable future. Bloktopia’s main investor is Aminoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based video game company that also has interests in The Sandbox. It also has an experienced team in the world of video games and is backed by Polygon. A blockchain used by multinationals like Ernest & Young (EY).

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