Monday, August 8

What is the origin of the Taliban



In just a few weeks, taliban they have managed to control Afghanistan. The withdrawal of US troops from the Asian country has led this insurgent group to advance through the main cities until they reach the capital. Accept and bring down the government of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.

Thus, after 20 years of conflict, the Taliban have regained power, which they already had from 1996 to 2001. With them, the Islamic laws or ‘sharia’, which prohibits, for example, music, cinema, television or the schooling of girls. But where did the Taliban come from? Where are you from?

The first Taliban emerged from the movement of the mujahideen, who fought against the troops of the Soviet Union at the end of the 80s. The group as such was formed in the mid 90s, in 1994 and they began to conquer the country little by little.

The term Taliban refers to “student” in the Pashtun language, as many of the fighters were students in religious schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they received a radical Sunni Islamic education.

In the mid-1990s, as the ‘sharia’ had not been implemented in Afghanistan, the mullah Mohamed Omar, who is considered the founder of the Taliban movement, decided to undertake the conquest of the country. Thus, in 1995 he managed to take Herat and a year later he had already taken Kabul.

In its beginnings, the group had the Pakistani support and in 1998 they were practically in control of Afghanistan. The ‘sharia’ was introduced and with it the rights of women were drastically curtailed, as well as harsh punishments for those who did not comply with Islamic laws.

With the attacks of September 11, The US decided to invade Afghanistan and they succeeded in driving the Taliban out of Kabul for other parts of the country. In this way, this group was never defeated and controlled some areas of the country, especially the eastern area on the border with Pakistan.

This fact gave them the possibility of trade opium, one of its businesses, as well as the exploitation and sale of minerals. In addition, in those areas where they were installed, they made the peasants pay a islamic tax. All these actions served to finance this group, which now takes control of the country again 20 years later.

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