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What is the OVR Augmented Reality Metaverse?

OVR is an open source Augmented Reality (AR) metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. The main difference between OVR and other similar platforms is that it enables interactive augmented reality experiences in real life through a mobile phone. In OVR, the user does not choose the content. It is the virtual world that subjects you to possible experiences depending on your geographical position. The mechanics are similar to the famous game Pokemon Go, where the mobile camera allows you to live virtual experiences anywhere in the world.

What is the OVR metaverse

The main objective of the game is to search for hidden treasure chests all over the world to earn OVR tokens as rewards. However, being a blockchain game, these OVR tokens that you earn within the game have real economic value. In fact, in the last 30 days, the value of OVR tokens has grown 237% and 25% in the last week. At press time, the price of an OVR token is $2,16. However, it should be noted that a large part of the price increase is due to the burning of OVR tokens carried out on November 1.

The real economy of metaverses and NFTs as currency

These tokens, in addition to being transformed into real money, have their functions within the game. OVR tokens are used, among other things, to buy plots within the metaverse (OVRLands) and to interact with other game tools such as OVRExperiences.


The OVR metaverse covers the entire planet and is divided into a layer made up of 1.6 trillion unique hexagons, known as OVRLands. Likewise, each of these hexagons or parcels is an NFT that can be auctioned on the game’s marketplace. Being an NFT, each of these parcels belongs to a single owner and the registry of that property will remain recorded in the Ethereum blockchain. As with other metaverses, the price of the parcel varies depending on where it is located.

NFTs as a digital identity in the metaverse economy

The OVR marketplace is decentralized and fully controlled by smart contracts, so unlike other metaverses, you cannot buy a plot directly. In this case, you have to bid on the parcel and wait 24 hours for no one else to bid on it. If someone else bids for it, the process restarts and another 24 hours are added until the parcel is awarded. As indicated on your page web, the base price of the plots is $ 10, being able to reach a maximum of $ 100 in highly demanded areas.


Once you acquire the plot, you can create events, avatars, art galleries or games on it. In a similar way to what happens in other blockchain metaverses, such as Ths Sandbox and Decentraland. The creations in OVR can be content in 3D, static or animated and can be made thanks to a software based on Unity3D. For example, you can create an art gallery in augmented reality and auction the paintings as NFTs to people who pass by.

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