Tuesday, June 6

What is WhatsApp chat lock about? | Digital Trends Spanish

A new feature that aims to generate even more security in your conversations is launching WhatsAppThis is Chat Block, a system to password protect your most private chats.

If you lock a chat, the conversation is moved from your inbox to a folder of your own that can only be accessed with your device’s password or biometrics (such as fingerprint). It also automatically hides the content of that chat in notifications.

Commenting on this feature, Meta says, “We think this feature is great for people who occasionally need to share their phone with a family member or times when someone holds your phone at the exact moment a chat comes your way. special. To block a chat, tap on the name of the person or group, and select the “Block” option. To view these chats, drag down the inbox slowly, and enter your password or biometrics.”

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