Friday, February 23

What promotions do the banks offer for the gifts of the Magi?

Ámbito asked the different banks what their promotions are for customers who want to help the Three Wise Men in the purchase of a gift for the children of the families:

National Bank

Banco Nación offers discounts of up to 35% and up to 3 installments without interest with a refund limit per transaction of $ 2000 paying with BNA + MODE, with Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Mastercard and Maestro Retired debit cards. The promotion will run between January 3 and 5.


The BBVA Bank offers a promotion in Selected toy stores from January 3 to 5 with 30% refund and up to 3 installments without interest with BBVA Credit Cards. Among the participating businesses, Toy Shops Carrousel, Educating, Didactic Giro, Company of Toys, We are the Toys, City Kids, Planeta BB and Baby Company stand out.

In addition, in alliance with iPoint, the BBVA bank offers up to 12 interest-free installments on selected products.

iPoint is an official Apple seller in Argentina and will launch the Iphone 13 with us in this promo, taking advantage of the Three Kings.

Itau bank

For Reyes we focused, Banco Itaú focused on a proposal aimed at the youngest of the family with discounts in the main toy stores in the country

The benefit consists of a 25% discount + 3 interest-free installments, with a ceiling of $ 2000 for Itaú clients and up to a 30% discount + 3 interest-free installments with a ceiling of $ 3000 for our Personal Bank clients. Customers who pay with Signature and Black cards will have an additional 5%, with a total promotion limit of $ 3,500.

Macro desk

With Macro Premia you can purchase technology products, free time and gifts in up to 24 interest-free installments with Macro Credit cards.

In addition, it is possible to achieve savings in toy stores, ice cream parlors and shows, when buying with Macro Visa Credit Cards there are up to 40% savings with Macro Premia points.

Customers also have the opportunity to make donations to UNICEF, Banco de Alimentos, Ruta 40, El Granero and Fundación Espartanos.

Finally, in Orders Now, on Thursday, January 6, there are 35% savings with Macro Visa Credit Cards. The return limit is $ 1,200. With Macro Selecta Visa Credit Cards, the cap rises to $ 1,500.

Santander Bank

Santander will grant exclusive savings to its customers subscribed to Surprise Santander: on January 04 and 05 they will access 25% savings and 3 interest-free installments in the best toy stores: Cebra, Planeta BB, Baby Company, City kids, Mono Coco and Cachavacha .

In addition, all Bank customers will be able to exchange their accumulated points for gifts in toys, vouchers and accumulative savings wildcards with current promotions.

Credicoop Bank

On Wednesday, January 5, Banco Credicoop offers discounts of 25% or 30% savings (for those who collect their salary at Credicoop) in all toy stores in the country (face-to-face). Cap $ 1,000 and $ 1,200 per card (credit and debit), per account.

The promotion is valid for all users of Cabal Credicoop Cards (except Wholesale and Agrocabal) and for consumptions by QR through MODE, selecting Cabal Credicoop Cards.

In addition, an additional 5% will be granted for consumption through MODE (selecting Cabal Credicoop Cards). Cap $ 200. Valid for Cabal Credicoop Cards.

Patagonia Bank

From January 3 to 5, Banco Patagonia has benefits to celebrate Kings with the family: discounts and fees in the best toy stores in the country: Zebra, Educating, Santa Claus, Mono Coco, Green Celery, Growing, Magic Toy, Kinderland, City Kids and Planeta Bebe (in all Face-to-face) and Giro Didactic and Company of Toys, both face-to-face and online.

Classic Clients, 25% discount with debit and credit card plus 3 interest-free installments. Cap $ 2000

Plus customers 30% discount with debit and credit card plus 3 interest-free installments. Cap $ 2500

Singular Clients 30% discount with debit and credit card plus 3 interest-free installments. Cap $ 3000

Also, during January, at the Patagonia Marketplace Club, you can find toys and gifts, as well as gift cards from toy stores and children’s brands, in up to 6 interest-free installments.

hipotecary Banc

The Mortgage Bank offers, between January 3 and 6, discounts of up to 25% with a debit card, a maximum of $ 1,500 and 25% savings with an exclusive owl one credit card + 3 interest-free installments. Cap $ 4000.

The participating toy stores are: The Toy World, Mono Coco, City Kids, Educating and Growing.

Non-bank promotions

The Carrefour supermarket offers until January 6: 3 installments without interest from $ 2000 pesos in toys and 6 installments without interest paying with Carrefour Card (without amount); 6 installments without interest Scooters, Rollers, Walkers, Multi-game tables and Bicycles; 12 installments without interest Battery cars, Trampolines, Slides, Hop on and off, Hoverboard and Electric Skateboard; 6 installments without interest paying with Visa and Cabal on Notebooks, Pc, Printers, Monitors, Tablets, Consoles, Speakers, Headphones, Towers and Sound Bars

In addition, between January 5 and 11, customers will be able to access a 25% discount on the unit by taking two or more products in Toys and Summer Games (Does not include battery-powered cars, slides or pools); 15% discount + 6 installments without interest on Bicycles; and 40% discount or 12 installments without interest in pools.

We Art offers boxes full of items for children to have fun, imagine and create their own works of art, at a discount in its online store. Included in the promotion are: Craft Kit – Souvenir; Craft Kit +600; Craft Kit +100; Craft Kit – Emotions; Craft Kit – Halloween; Craft Kit; and Memotest.