Monday, August 15

What they are and what they think they are

It is very common to believe that you are something you are not. Or make it happen for real to the point of convincing themselves that this is the case and, worse, making others fall into the same mistake. The PP, for example, believes he is honest or that he maintains firmly. But the judgment of the National Court condemns him for corruption, no matter how much the party denies it. The court unanimously signs that the Bárcenas Papers “They reflect events whose reality has been proven.” With consequences for all, since it is proven that the black money reached the PP with illegal donations from large companies and construction companies. These donors – of 7.5 million euros in total – received more than 6,600 million euros in public contracts, as explained by Ignacio Escolar.

However, Mariano Rajoy, the president of the party that was financed with black money, paid in black and collected envelopes in black has not even been investigated, and only went to testify as a witness. The portrait of Spain therefore shows courts that are supposed to deliver justice, leaving dangerous loopholes. As it also happened with “the folder to the Kitchen: a parapolice operation whose sole objective was to save the soldier M. Rajoy”, in the words of Ignacio Escolar that I subscribe.

The other major root of the problem is the authors of biased information who believe they are journalists. In all cases – politics, justice and journalism – it happens as with the simile of pregnancies that I usually use. Either it is gestating or not, the pregnancy does not fit half.

The PP says that everything happened before and that they have already talked about how much they had to talk. Before, when several of the provost of the party attended this fiery fire of M.Rajoy:

It is that in the PP they never lie. And the media helps them spread that belief. In TVE, public television, they have even affirmed that the PP is condemned “for the crimes committed by its treasurer Luis Bárcenas.” So sensitive Rajoy, who in his day asked good old Luis, already incarcerated, to be strong. In any case, the Popular Party chooses its treasurers badly because all have been charged, except for one, Romay Beccaría. Although the witnesses in the multiple corruption trials have even worse luck, their health ends up being very precarious. They should not have as tempered nerves as those called to great responsibilities in the game and that burns a lot.

Eight major causes of corruption still remain with the Popular Party. And even though “The PP has the support of the majority of the judicial career”As one of his outstanding pieces said in both fields, and that they have not even come to know who M. Rajoy was from the proven certain roles of Bárcenas, there are those who believe that the PP is sufficiently honest and that justice in Spain it’s independent. His magistrates thus defend him with the force of their uncontested authority. They only have to see them when they get angry and send letters to politicians who express their doubts. Letters, hopefully.

Misdiagnoses about oneself and others proliferate. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra believes he is a socialist. Obrero we imagine not, but we do belong to a party called the Spanish Socialist Workers Party for something. And to be such an authoritative voice within that formation that they still interview him in prime time when 14 years ago he stopped being president of the Junta de Extremadura. Rodríguez Ibarra thinks that Yolanda Díaz is dangerous, even more than Pablo Iglesias. You have not specified for whom, but it is clear from the context.

Like Rodríguez Ibarra, there are many members of the PSOE who consider themselves socialists even though in practice they are one abyss from being so. Their skin bristles when leftist measures are proposed. Felipe González, without going any further, the father of the modern PSOE, modernized already from Suresnes, in those days of 1974 in which our beautiful Transition of the blur without a new account was brewing.

Almost certainly, many disseminators of the strategies of the right – of the establishment that is pure right in this country – know that they do not act as journalists, but others are convinced that they are and that they are right. One of the most squeaky analyzes that are taking place these days looks at the discrepancies of the coalition government. For some commenters there is only one culprit: the minority partner. And not only because of the difference in objectives, we read that they practice cannibalism. Like the recurring and ingenious film The Life of Brian, they make factions, while from the serenity of the PSOE they are made to see that governments do not eat with tweets but with a knife and fork (they have experience in the rules of protocol). It is true that the minority partner sometimes goes out of hand with tweets, believing that they are more effective than an arbitrary dismissal or good rigging for the institutions. In general, many journalists who consider themselves equanimous have difficulties to understand that the PSOE could not govern without United We Can, nor United We Can without the PSOE. They are bipartisan longings that do not remember the votes of the nationalist communities or the stab wounds of the one who lies the most and betrays the most. In these transcendent cases, it is convenient to be closer to reality than to faith, which, by definition, is to believe without justifying grounds.

Nor is it realistic to talk about divergences without looking at the substance. Employment has seen a record rise, returning to pre-pandemic and even pre-crisis figures of 2008, but it remains precarious and temporary. It is mainly due to Rajoy’s law. Whoever thinks of workers cannot approach labor reform as a trivial matter.

All countries believe they are the best in the world, which creates a conflict of interest once they learn that there are others with the same claims to the title. Here the great supporters of the supreme Spain ignore the number of thieves that this land harbors with a superlative percentage per square meter. From putting your hand in the treasury to commissions, courses under hand and everything that can be tied up. An old saying already said it: “open the drawer, the thief is invited”. Spanish saying, naturally. And it is something that is known in half the world, a sign of Spanish identity, with generalized accomplices. A study in 2010 showed that 78% of Spanish mayors implicated in corruption cases were re-elected and some increased support.

There are those who boast of being an exemplary patriot when they go to Europe to trip Spain. There are those who think that the center is on the extreme right and that being a democrat is pure left-wing extremism. We have ultras acting as sex symbols: as an odalisque in the female model, as a muscular man with a mean gesture in the male version. And all of them convinced that they are the essence of Spain. From the left they believe that step by step, without tripping, they will be able to reverse the marble scourge that weighs on this country. And many citizens feel like they are middle class and homeowners when they live in an apartment that is mortgaged to a bank. Or imagine that they are informed by following the social gatherings and the news on some radios and televisions.

It is like the pandemic. Tiring of the coronavirus, millions of people have decided to take for granted that the danger has passed, when it is not. Serious upturns in Russia and the United Kingdom, notably in Germany, show where relaxing protection measures leads. Believing what is not can have very serious consequences for oneself and the community. Other nonsensical beliefs basically harm their users, though not only. Those who do not believe in science, or medicine, or vaccines, or rationality, or ethics.

In the PP they believe they are honest; in the PSOE, socialists. The manipulators, who do journalism; the courts, which dispense justice even partially. With minimal exceptions in all cases and some more. Wrong analyzes are the cause of serious malfunctions.

The philosophical drama of unreality or camouflaged reality has been worrying since Ancient Greece. “The one who strives and pretends dreams, the one who offends and offends dreams, everyone dreams what they are although no one understands it,” said Calderón de la Barca through the mouth of Segismundo, already in the seventeenth century.

In conclusion, the worst that can happen to a society is to swallow the monumental tricks of those who manage the great pillars of their country, their egos that justify themselves in their outrages, their scandalous indecency that allows them even cruelty and impunity. An adult citizen should not be fooled either. Understanding and tolerating scoundrels is the last stage of stupidity.