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What to Expect from Axie Infinity in 2022 | Bitcoin Portal

Axie Infinity has become the main protagonist of the new wave of blockchain games that brought a battalion of gamers to the world of cryptocurrencies in 2021 and will now have the challenge of proving itself next year.

In a short space of time, the game jumped from 38,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) in April to approaching 3 million players in December. Meanwhile, the number of daily transactions on Ronin, the game’s own sidechain, has become four times greater than the number of transactions on Ethereum.

But how does Axie Infinity intend to keep those numbers growing and the game’s economy spinning while the price of the SLP, a token distributed as a reward to players, drops below $0.03 and sinks into the worst price since April?

We need to look at what we can expect from Axie Infinity in the coming months to answer that question.

The arrival of Lands

The implementation of Lands in the Axie Infinity ecosystem is the most anticipated update by the community in recent months. Even though its practical use is not yet possible, these small virtual lands are already for sale and moving millions of dollars.

The Lands will encompass a separate game, also known as Project Kingdom or K, in which players will be able to use their Axies to build bases, gather resources and compete with each other for control of Lunacia, the “metaverse” of controlled Axie Infinity by the players.

This new virtual world is made up of several lots of tokenized land that users can buy, following the example of what other blockchain games like The Sandbox and Decentraland already offer.

An official Axie Infinity schedule for November promised that an “alpha” version of the Land game would be released by the end of the year. However, after the testing phase took longer than expected, the launch was pushed back to 2022, with no set date yet. december letter of developers sent to the community.

Meanwhile, the project continues to move forward. Last month, a new art director joined the team and new elements such as buildings and surrounding environments are being added to the virtual land.

Preview of what is being developed for the Land of Axie Infinity (Image: Sky Mavis)

“Land is very important to the future of the community and the economy, and we want to make sure it delivers the experience you deserve. We are working hard to prepare a preview to thank you for your patience”, promised the Axie Infinity team.

Free version of Axie Infinity for new players

The developers of Axie Infinity are also currently working on a new version of the game called Battle v2, or “Axie Infinity: The Origin”, whose main objective is to allow people to try the game for free before purchasing the NFTs needed to enter the game main.

In Battle v2, Axies distributed to players cannot be traded outside of the game as they are not NFTs. In addition, this new version of the game will feature updated mechanics and animations in its battle system, as well as the ability for the user to attach “power-ups” to the Axies to strengthen them in matches, elements that do not yet exist in the original game.

As with the Lands, there is still no set date for the release of the new version of the game. The expectation is that it will be available in 2022 as the Axie Infinity team has already announced that it intends to release Battle v2 as soon as possible.

Changes in the usefulness of Axies and “power-ups”

A point of constant prominence in the projections about the future of Axie Infinity made by the game developers concerns the changes in the usefulness of Axies.

In the new versions that will be released soon, both in Land and in Battle v2, each Axie will have values ​​and benefits completely different from the current ones.

The usefulness will also change, or “improve” in the future when the Body Part update happens. With the implementation of this new mechanism, users will be able to buy improvements (“power-ups”) for their character’s body parts.

This element comes as a new way to “evolve” Axie without having to buy a new NFT, while bringing a new use case for the SLP, as the plan is for the game’s utility token to be used to manufacture the power-ups.

New Axies Enhancements (Image: Sky Mavis)
New Axies Enhancements (Image: Sky Mavis)

New player advice and rate adjustment

Sky Mavis, the game producer behind Axie Infinity, revealed recently it’s going to create a “game balance” board made up of reputable, top-tier gamers and studio members.

The council’s goal will be to allow players to more directly input into decision-making about changes in Axie Infinity’s economy, such as its internal system of fees, rewards and card balancing patch.

In the short to medium term, Axie Infinity players can also expect new rate adjustments and rewards to arrive in the future.

In early December, the game updated the rates of the breeding system that allows for the creation of new Axies, making it cheaper for the player to spawn their first character, but increasing the SLP and AXS values ​​required for breeding for subsequent generations.

Developers warn the community that rate changes should continue to happen in the future to keep the game balanced, but manual adjustments like everything else done so far should be replaced by a smarter, more automated mechanism.

In the meantime… volatility

While Sky Mavis’ bold plans for the future of Axie Infinity have not arrived, the community can expect more volatility in the game’s native tokens, as the developers themselves have warned:

“Being at the forefront of blockchain gaming technology makes Axie Infinity particularly susceptible to volatility from internal and external factors. We expect there will be significant ups and downs in the years to come, whether due to massive growth spikes or bear markets.”

“That’s why we only implore those who wish to stay for the long term to join us and our community on this roller coaster ride,” added the Axie Infinity team.

Meanwhile, the SLP price has been steadily declining since July. This Wednesday (15), the currency is worth US$ 0.034, its worst price in eight months, according to the CoinMarketCap. At this pace, SLP opens a distance of 91% from its record price of US$0.41, reached in May.

The scenario is more positive for AXS, the game’s governance token that accumulates an annual gain of 15.880%. Even so, the currency also retreats with the rest of the crypto market in December, devaluing more than 30% in the last 30 days and falling to its current price of US$94.