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What to look at before choosing a thermos of coffee for your return to the office

Lovers of offices and intense work are also lovers of coffee or tea thermos where they can store their energy supply for long hours. In this sense, they are in luck because with the return, in whole or in part, to the offices and the end of teleworking, a new opportunity opens up to acquire a thermos of design and state-of-the-art technology. And it is that there is no evil that for good does not come.

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Be that as it may, thermoses are a classic of workspaces to conserve liquids, and not just hot. They can keep coffee or tea, but also milk, soup or juices and cold infusions, since the thermos keeps substances at a stable temperature with respect to the outside, regardless of their temperature.

However, not all thermos are worth it, and paying for any, even a negligible amount, can be expensive in the long run in the form of burns, stains, wet documents or cold coffee before you arrive at the office or the workshop. And it can also mean soups and juices flavored with coffee, or teas with the aroma of fish cream or porrusalda.

So it is better if we pay attention to the following six keys when we are going to pay for a good thermos to keep us company during long office hours.

The six tips to consider

1. Interior insulation: Today’s modern thermos are made of polished stainless steel to leave a very smooth interior wall. The advantages of steel are that it is resistant to oxidation, but also to shocks; there is no risk of migrations of elements to the coffee, it does not leave strange flavors, and it preserves the temperature better than glass, ceramic or plastic.

2. Outer material: there are people who do not care about aesthetics and others do; there is something for all tastes in the great offer of thermos on the market, but what does matter is that the exterior material does not conduct the heat or cold of the liquid to the hands – there is a layer of air between the walls that makes it difficult – and that its surface allows grip without the fear of slipping us and fall.

3. The tightness of the closure: the closure is perhaps the most fragile point and is what differentiates a good thermos from a bad one. Most burns, stains, and other disasters come out there. For this reason we must bet on secure closures, with rubber and very hermetic.

4. The dispenser: all very well, but if the design is not well thought out when dispensing the liquid, perhaps we will end up with the shirt more decorated than the bib of a hero of the Glorious Red Army after World War II. The dispenser must ensure the supply of liquid in a clean and practical way. And if possible, we will opt for those of pressure.

5. Cleaning: it depends on this that then a genmaicha tea that they have brought us from a market in Osaka at a golden price tastes like a detox spinach smoothie; that is, the thermos cannot be cleaned well, so that it leaves flavors. As we have already mentioned, the interior surface must not be porous to avoid the retention of organic matter. It is appreciated that the thermos can be cleaned in the dishwasher without danger and also that it comes standard with brushes for internal cleaning.

6. Weight: it is directly linked to the volume or capacity of the thermos, but also to the material used. We must think that to this empty weight we must add that of the liquid. The normal thing is to opt for 450 ml thermos, although there are liter ones for those who share the thermos with loos and their colleagues or who carry it at work.

Four interesting models

1. Orbegozo Liquid Thermo

For 6.50 euros, this Orbegozo model has an unbeatable value for money. It has a capacity of 500 ml and is made of stainless steel. Keep the substances hot for twelve hours. and cold for 24 hours. In addition, it incorporates a dispenser with a pressure button. Its weight is 300 g. .

2. 720 ° DGREE

This thermos or “thermal mug” has a capacity of 450 ml and is manufactured in stainless steel, both in the inner and outer layers, which also presents a neat aesthetic appearance in different colors. The dispenser is push-button and the screw closure includes a safety valve. Its price is 24 euros.

3. Milu Thermo Mug 450ml

Unlike the previous ones, it does include a more groundbreaking design and a more comfortable rubber grip. Keeps liquids hot or cold for more than twelve hours, according to the manufacturer, has a push-button opening and is accompanied by a brush for cleaning. Its price is 23 euros.

4. Pioneer – Stainless Steel Thermos

This model is more of a modern samovar than a thermos, in the sense that it has a variable capacity between 2.5 and 5 liters, which makes it the perfect item for tea lovers who want hot water all over. the time, or those of the coffee in abundance who share it with their work parish.

It is made of stainless steel, includes a sophisticated pulsed dispenser and ensures hot liquid for eight hours, as well as cold for 24 hours. And the best are its handle and its empty weight: 240 grams. Regarding its price: 30 euros in the 2.2-liter version (see more measures).

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