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What was missing: WHO warns of shortage of vaccine syringes | Digital Trends Spanish

Just as there is a shortage of electronic components, there could also be a lack of syringes for vaccines, as warned by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Lisa Hedman, WHO Senior Adviser, the potential problem is that an entire generation of children “could lose their scheduled vaccinations, unless manufacturers find a way to produce more disposable syringes than just one use. time”.

Hedman also adds that the characteristics of the pandemic, which requires massive vaccinations globally, indicate that this is not the time to face shortages or situations that put the safety of both patients and medical personnel at risk.

But in his view, “unfortunately the shortage of syringes is a real power.” And disposable syringes cannot be reused, since even after being sterilized there is the possibility that some bacteria are still in the material, which clearly represents a danger.

An estimated 6.8 billion COVID-19 vaccines are administered each year, while the capacity to produce disposable syringes is 6 billion per year. “It is clear that in 2022 there could be a very large deficit if everything continues as before.”

In addition, the number of annual vaccines could even increase, if the WHO objectives of accelerating the vaccination process in developing countries are met, places where only a very low percentage of the population has been inoculated against the coronavirus.

In that sense, a good solution could be the new pill against COVID-19 developed by Pfizer and which is awaiting authorization in the United States. The effectiveness of this pill appears to be very high and could reduce the need for vaccine syringes.

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