Friday, December 9

What was the biggest crypto news of the week?

At first glance, nothing in 2021 has been ordinary. The crypto industry doesn’t take a vacation. Therefore, it continues to generate what to talk about every moment. Indeed, we present you, a brief review of which were the most outstanding crypto news of the week, so that you do not miss any details.

Specifically, among the most prominent news in the crypto world space, these headlines stand out:

  1. Bancolombia will allow you to buy cryptocurrencies.
  2. Salvadorans are losing their Bitcoins.
  3. BitMEX launches its new native token BMEX.
  4. Dogecoin developers include Vitalik Buterin in their new path.
  5. Donald Trump singled out cryptocurrencies as “dangerous.”
  6. Russia will allow cryptocurrency acquisitions through foreign companies.

The most outstanding crypto news

Bancolombia will allow you to buy cryptocurrencies

In this way, Bancolombia, the largest bank in Colombia, announced a pilot program that will allow a limited number of clients to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. And the Financial Superintendency of Colombia will supervise the program.

Salvadorans are losing their Bitcoins

Second, the most recent of the inconveniences affecting the use of Bitcoin in El Salvador is that citizens report that their Bitcoins are disappearing from their accounts.

Specifically, according to a Twitter user under the pseudonym El Comisionado and according to The New Scientist, Salvadorans are inexplicably losing their Bitcoins from their Chivo wallets.

«The government has not responded, nor does it acknowledge the errors».

In fact, The Commissioner has compiled more than 5 examples of Bitcoin that have inexplicably disappeared from Salvadoran Chivo wallets.

BitMEX launches its new native token BMEX

BitMEX, advertisement the launch of its new native token. Which will begin to be marketed on February 1, 2022.

«We are delighted to announce the minting of our token, BMEX, the token for true believers!»

By the way, BitMEX announced that the delivery of the first tokens will not be exclusive for existing users, but also for new ones.

Dogecoin developers include Vitalik Buterin in their new path

Until now, the Dogecoin developers will collaborate with Vitalik Buterin to bring proof-of-stake to DOGE. While they plan to add new features.

Precisely, taking into account the possibility of improving the platform, the Dogecoin developers propose the creation of new characteristics. For this purpose, the help of the ETH co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, was sought, seeking the implementation of one of the new features proposed.

Donald Trump singled out cryptocurrencies as “dangerous”

In parallel, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, pointed to cryptocurrencies as “dangerous”, preferring the USD as his main currency.

For this reason, in an interview with the presenter of Fox Business, María Bartiromo, Donald Trump pointed out as a “very dangerous thing” to the influence of crypto. The former president of the United States ratified his support for the traditional American currency, while distrusting the rise of the crypto world.

«Well, I’ve never loved it because I like to have the dollar. I think the currency should be dollar so I’ve never been a big fan».

Russia will allow cryptocurrency acquisitions by foreign companies

Last but not least, the Russian government will allow acquisitions of crypto assets. Several officials linked to the financial environment show some support for digital assets, allowing citizens to have them. On the other hand, the outlook would not be entirely free, with legislation that would prohibit, or not, crypto transactions within the country.

In fact, the Bank of Russia has been willing to deal with the crypto field, but not allowing its free circulation within the local economy. Government and financial authorities point to a scenario where possible regulations for cryptocurrencies are well implemented.

By way of closing, so that you do not miss any details about what is happening in the world, expand these and other crypto news, through our main page.

I retire with this phrase by Joseph Joubert: «Some like to say what they know, others what they think».