Wednesday, February 21

What were the cryptocurrencies that grew the most in 2021

Subsequently, with 9,380.38%, Solana is positioned as one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest growth this year. Behind it is an open source project that uses blockchain technology to provide decentralized financial solutions (DeFi). Its goal is to improve scalability and it works with test consensus.

Dogecoin and Avalanche, rose 2,929.33% and 2,776.14% respectively. The first is a cryptocurrency derived from Litecoin that uses a Shiba Inu dog from the Doge meme as a pet. The second is a platform that serves to launch decentralized finance applications and its objective is to be a kind of global asset exchange.

Binance Coin, the cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange, grew 1,277.42% this year. In the ranking it follows, Cardano which rose 678.18%. This cryptocurrency is made up of an open source blockchain and is a platform for executing smart contracts. Crypto Coin, meanwhile, grew 827.50%, and it is a chain developed by the payment company, which provides financial services.

Ethereum is up 411.47%, the second largest market capitalization cryptocurrency works as a decentralized open source platform that allows users to develop smart contracts, applications, and crypto assets. At the same time, XRP and Polkadot rose respectively, 249.75% and 237.73%.

The first one is behind a free software project and a payment protocol that pursues the development of a credit system based on the p2p paradigm. The second, Polkadot, facilitates the creation of new blockchains and even allows the interoperability of the different networks.

By last, Bitcoin is up 60.77% so far this year. The cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization this year reached a new all-time high and traded close to $ 70,000. Subsequently started a correction that is still ongoing. The BTC managed to drill within the traditional financial system in 2021 by becoming legal tender in El Salvador and by starting to list several ETFs that follow their price on Wall Street.