Sunday, December 3

What were the ETF Cedears that rose the most on the Argentine Stock Exchange

EEM (+2.6%) closed at $2,150. IShares MSCI Emerging Market. It tracks the performance of the MSCI TR Emerging Markets Index and holds large and mid-cap emerging market stocks.

DIA (+2.6%) closed at $3,850. SPDR Dow Jones Industrial. It replicates the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. It holds 30 large-cap US stocks that represent the index.

SPY (+2.4%) closed at $4,971. SPDR S&P 500. It is made up of a portfolio that represents the 500 stocks in the S&P 500 index.

QQQ (+1.2%) closed at $3,986. Invesco NASDAQ 100. Replicates the Nasdaq 100 index and includes 100 of the largest non-financial companies by market capitalization listed on Nasdaq.

XLE (+0.7%) closed at $6,930. Cef Select Sector SPDR Energy. Represents the performance of The Energy Select Sector Index. It includes large-cap US energy stocks and invests in companies that develop and produce crude oil and natural gas.

The ones that fell the most

IWM (-0.6%) closed at $4,421. IShares Trust Russell 2000. Replicates the Russell 2000 Index Fund. Holds US small cap stocks.

XLF (-0.6%) closed at $4,210. The Select Sector Financial. Represents the performance of The Financial Select Sector Index. Includes financial services companies whose businesses range from investment management to commercial and business banking.

ARKK (-0.2%) closed at $1,660. ARK Innovation. The ARKK ETF is actively managed and seeks long-term capital growth by investing in domestic and foreign equity securities of companies that are relevant to the Disruptive Innovation Fund’s investment theme.

What are Cedars?

The acronym stands for (Argentine Deposit Certificates) and they are financial assets of the local market that represent ordinary shares of companies listed abroad, for example Apple or Amazon, Alibabá, Disney or Tesla.

The domestic market offers a wide range of options, including Argentine stocks that are not listed in Buenos Aires but are listed in New York, as is the case of Mercado Libre.

They are traded both in pesos and dollars, although it is worth noting that currently the largest volume of operations is in pesos.

Among its main advantages is that it allows you to invest in the most important companies in the world without needing to have an account in the United States and that the position remains dollarized since the price is not only adjusted according to the variation in the price of the share in the foreign market, but also from changes in the price of the CCL dollar.

What are ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds)?

They are investment funds that have the particularity of being listed on the stock market. These instruments are made up of other assets. Among the advantages they have is diversification with a relatively low amount.

ETFs can replicate the price of stocks, bonds, commodities and there are also some that are tied to indices. From now on, ETFs that replicate the three main Wall Street indices, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nadaq, are available.