Friday, January 28

What will be the cryptocurrencies with the most potential to rise in 2022

The other selected token is the RPS, from the game RPS live, which is a crypto gaming from NFT. “It is a rock-paper-scissors game that I see potential for the seriousness of the project and the amount of money for the first enlistment of the token,” defined Novelli but clarified that these cryptocurrencies are high risk. Finally, he closed with two other projects: “ONE, de Harmony, which comes to solve the speed of transactions because it is one of the fastest blockchains and has much more to grow. AND MOON from the blockchain EARTH that its main project is going to be to create the first real stablecoin that is going to be called UST. It would greatly increase the capitalization and I see it well to hold in 2022 ”.

For its part, Emiliano Limia, PR director at Buenbit, opined: “I would look closely at the projects related to metaverses and crypto-gamingI see a lot of long-term potential for them, although it is worth clarifying that in recent times many people have been speculating with prices without understanding what it is about, there was a lot of publicity or hype, as it is called in the environment. One of the most advanced and developed projects in this regard is Decentraland, which is of Argentine development. Everything that happens there is to be vigilant. There are already different companies, products and services that have been created within this and other metaverses, and in the long term they will undoubtedly give rise to talk ”.

Also consulted by Ámbito, Sergio Morales, CEO of InterFinance, said that “beyond the cryptocurrencies traditional such as, for example, Bitcoin y Ethereum, the potential of metaverses -digital economies- and NFT videogames (Non-Fundable Token) is huge. Some cases like, Big Time (a blockchain game made up of a world-class team from the entertainment industry), Dchess (digital chess) or RPS League, which tokenizes the popular and massive game rock, paper or scissors, realize that the traditional world is advancing towards a new technological revolution ”.

Finally, Maximiliano Hinz, Latam Operations Director de Binance, reviewed the trends of recent years in the crypto world. “During 2020, we saw all the projects related to DeFi take flight, causing these types of currencies to appreciate, many times exponentially. 2021 was the year of the NFTs, becoming one of the most popular formats for the commercialization of art in the world in a very short period and then with a subsequent boom of the play2earn ”, he said.

Hinz said that in 2022, “we are going to see a very clear trend towards projects related to metaverso. In November, Mark Zuckerberg publicly announced his interest in this technology, even changing the name of his main company to Meta, after this move we saw how several projects related to metaverses have grown in their prices. With this, we are not encouraging the purchase of metaverse currencies, since like all growing technology there are risks, but it would not be unusual to see a growth of this type of currencies ”.