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What will the first “pay per speed” electric motorcycle look like? | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent times, motorcycle manufacturers have also innovated with the development of electric versions. The intention of the companies is to take advantage of new technological advances and generate more environmentally friendly models.

Now, the Zero Motorcycles company has gone one step further and has announced the manufacture of the first pay per speed electric motorcycle.

According to the information provided by the company, its next model will incorporate payments within an application that will allow it to expand its functions.

For this, the firm has Cypher III +, an application with which the owner of any of the motorcycles can configure the speed, power, braking regeneration, among other options.

Now, the idea of ​​the company is that the app has the Pay-Per tool to grant additional functions to the vehicle.

Thus, through the application, the owner will be able to incorporate several improvements in his model without having to acquire a new one, since the system will focus on software updates that will “improve” the motorcycle.

What will these improvements be?

According to what the company explained, in the SR 2022 version, people will be able to optimize the load by 10 percent for a value of $ 195 dollars.

They can also add the Parking Mode for the same value or increase the autonomy by 20 percent for $ 2,195.

It is assumed that the vehicle will already bring some of these improvements incorporated, however, the user must unlock them through a payment to access them.

Depending on how successful it is with customers, this new upgrade system could mark a change in the field of electric mobility.

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