Friday, September 24

What will the PSOE do with the Concordat?

In Asturias de mis amores there is a prelate who does not know love. His name is Jesús Sanz Montes, he is the archbishop of Oviedo and he is so ultra that Cardinal Rouco Varela has always wanted to repatriate him to Madrid. It also seems that the Spanish Army so, they say, modernized takes its glove, although its captain general continues to be a king and they want to pater castrensis to this cave man. Taking advantage of an act on the Day of Asturias, beloved homeland, Sanz Montes had the audacity to put tortured bulls, women who interrupt their pregnancy and people who opt for euthanasia or receive relief from that right in the same bag , of that compassion. He called embryos “aborted children” and said they are “stabbed into the womb,” which is what this presumed celibate calls a woman’s body. “In terminal pain the tip is given,” he snapped about euthanasia. While bulls “are provided with protective legislation.” What a hodgepodge, Archbishop.

In that convoluted and perverse way, Sanz Montes made it clear that he does not care at all about the suffering of the bulls, to which he referred not with the slightest hint of piety, but only to make a bad simile with which to attack the right to freedom. abortion and euthanasia. You can see that he is more than numbers because with the letter he made a mess and fell into contradiction, into absurdity. Of course, in these times when violence against LGTBIQ + citizens is raging, he did not say a word about homophobic aggressions. In these times when energy poverty is raging, he did not say a word about the criminal price of a light that so many people cannot afford. Of course, in these times of housing crisis he did not say anything about the right to decent housing and evicted people, given that he himself has tried to evict a few nuns from a building in El Viso, the most expensive area of Madrid, to sell it for a tax-free pastón. In a similar building in Barcelona, ​​the eviction of some missionary nuns continues to take this saint to trial and were threatened with excommunication (after all, Episcopalians, there are nuns like kellys, because among the nuns there are also classes and, I can attest, tremendous classism). In short, that the archbishop of aborted children and protected bulls is, in reality, a businessman from banking who is very good at real estate speculation, especially with properties unregistered by the Church, that is, registered in his name by face. That is why Jesús Sanz Montes likes Rouco Varela and other ultras so much.

Houston, we still have a problem. The problem is that Mr. Sanz Montes continues to be invited to celebrate Asturias Day (whoever he was). The problem is that any bishop continues to be invited to any institutional event. The problem is that their presence legitimizes, in the non-denominational state that is Spanish, what the lords of the Church promote, even if it is gender violence, violation of human and non-human rights, patriarchy, injustice, inequality, speeches and hateful practices. The problem is that those same gentlemen represent an institution, the Catholic Church, which should be fully independent of the State, for which the Concordat with the Holy See would have to be repealed once and for all, a remnant of a past that It no longer makes any sense or, strictly speaking, does it have a constitutional place. How and when the five agreements were signed that make it up give an account of the preconstitutional fix that was carried out. That Juan Carlos de Borbón was then appointed military vicar general adds the icing, today more rotten than ever, to the pastry that was cooked then. The pastelazo that allows people like Sanz Montes and his like-minded media to dare to promote what the times no longer admit.

What will the PSOE do about it? In your 40th Congress, to be held in mid-October, will you continue to debate at all about the relationship between the Church and the State and, therefore, about the convenience of repealing the Concordat? Or will it continue to maintain that indefinite attitude of “dialogue” and “consensus” with the Church that does not entail any change? Zapatero promised to repeal. Pérez Rubalcaba promised to repeal. Pedro Sánchez committed to repeal. And here we continue, paying the Church for its vices and supporting the empowerment of those cavemen who are endorsed by those agreements, those men, like Jesús Sanz Montes, who ask the Virgin of Covadonga to “save Spain.” What will the PSOE do with those agreements and those men? What will the PSOE do with the Concordat?

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