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What will we paddle players have so that smart watches do not let us monitor our matches

At this point in the year I have lost count of how many smartwatches have passed my wrist. I would say that between bracelets and smart watches there will have been about 20 devices. Not bad. During the analyzes I always do the odd sports session to see how they behave and my default sport is paddle tennis.

I’ve been playing paddle tennis since I was little and I usually play at least once a week. Casual matches, nothing out of the ordinary or high level, I’m not going to give them to me from Lamperti or BelasteguĂ­n because I’m not. Always, always, whenever I start to play I look for the paddle mode on my watch or bracelet to monitor the session. And always, always, always I get the same disappointment. Not a single watch has this mode.

Dear brands: those of us who play paddle tennis exist

Paddle tennis is an increasingly popular sport. In fact, in 2019 it surpassed tennis in federative chips. The latest data from the Higher Sports Council reveal that in 2020 there were 75,548 licenses, while tennis added 70,151. Paddle tennis is on the rise, while tennis is on the decline. The numbers don’t lie.

Spain is one of the cases, but in countries such as Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands there has also been an increase in interest in paddle tennis. There are more and more players and that is reflected in, for example, the figures of the World Padel Tour, the most important professional championship in the world that exceeded five million views at the opening event of the Adeslas Madrid Open 2021. Historical record.

According to the International Paddle Federation, this sport is present in more than 90 countries, has 51 national federations and accumulates more than 18 million active players

In short, paddle tennis is a sport with more and more weight and, despite this, not a single smartwatch manufacturer incorporates this sport mode in your mode catalog. Neither the Huawei Watch 3 Pro or the Galaxy Watch4, which have more than 100 sports modes, incorporate it.


It also strikes me that the Apple Watch does not have it (and see that it has modes) or that Google Fit, which also has a very large catalog, does not incorporate it. What it does have, for example, is racquetball (a sport similar to squash), table tennis the pickleball, a relatively popular sport in the United States. I have also seen watches with parkour, kite flying, or swinging. But not paddle tennis, because those of us who play paddle tennis do not have smart watches, apparently.

That does not mean that it is not possible to monitor the sports session, far from it. Can be done, I for example use tennis mode usually because it is the closest, within the many differences that there are with paddle tennis, but (tantrum mode on) I would like to have the metrics of my sport.

I understand that it is a first world problem, as they say. But my point is this: if it has been possible to create a “kite flying”, “pickleball” or “parkour” mode I am very sure that you can do a paddle mode you use the heart rate sensor and accelerometer to measure intensity, for example. Ordering is free and that’s where I put the idea on the table. Now I leave you, that I am going to practice the tray.

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