Wednesday, February 21

WhatsApp is preparing to limit the backup to Google Drive: the agreement between Facebook and Google would have its days numbered

WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is unlimited since 2018. This is so after an agreement between Google and WhatsApp by which the copies of the chats in the cloud did not consume storage space.

Several years have passed since then and now since Wabetainfo explain that the messaging application is prepared for end unlimited storage of backups in Google Drive.

WhatsApp will add a size limit to backups

There are users who use WhatsApp a lot and write a lot. Your list of chats can be huge and the backup stored in Google Drive can take up several GB. To date, thanks to the agreement between the two companies, this storage in Google Drive is unlimited. Something that contrasts with Google Drive’s own storage, which has a limit of 15 GB or with Google Photos, which has recently decided to end Also unlimited storage.

This change in Google’s strategy with cloud storage may soon have its effect on WhatsApp. The agreement between the two companies has been going on for four years and it is striking that while Google puts limits on its own services, the competition still continues to enjoy that unlimited storage.

Currently WhatsApp backups are saved locally on the device itself and on Google Drive. However, WhatsApp has already introduced several lines of code to limit the size of backups. These text strings discovered by Wabetainfo expose that there will be a size limit on backups and a warning will appear when this limit has been exceeded.

whatsapp code

Lines of code that allude to the limitation of Google Drive.

The lines of code don’t expose what this storage limit will be, though previous rumors they pointed out that it would be 2 GB. We will have to wait to see if this option materializes and what size is finally chosen.

It is unknown what will happen when the backup limit is exceeded and the warning appears. According to the last text string, WhatsApp could offer us the option to choose what we want to include in the backup and what not. Here perhaps we can be offered the option of not adding documents, videos or audios, which usually take up more space.

How we are remembered from Xataka Android, if you are curious to know how much your backup takes, you can go to Settings > Chats > Backup.

Via | Wabetainfo