Wednesday, December 7

WhatsApp points against Google Maps: this is the function it is testing to find stores around us and be able to write to them

WhatsApp is determined to become more than just a messaging app. In addition to sending cryptocurrencies, we have now learned that the application is testing a new function to find restaurants and businesses near our location, being able to select them to send them a message.

The function is in tests and as explained by the specialized medium in WhatsApp, Watebainfo, will be offered to more users soon. A few months ago, this kind of store directory based on our location began to be tested in São Paulo, Brazil.

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WhatsApp will allow you to search for nearby businesses

This search function is called ‘Businesses Nearby’ and the interface has already been filtered. In the search field, in addition to finding files, photos or links, it also a section of nearby businesses will be added, based on our location.

Based on the Wabetainfo capture, the function will allow sort between restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores and others. Once the type of store has been chosen, WhatsApp will show a list of the businesses around us so that we can write to them.

Interface of the future function in which you are working. Image: Wabetainfo

Will Cathcart, director de WhatsApp, explained on his Twitter profile that “like everything we do on WhatsApp, [este sistema] we have created it privately: we do not register your location or the companies you see. “That is, Meta (Facebook) assures that it will not know which premises we have contacted.

The new feature is expected to be available in the beta for Android and iOS, although at the moment there is no defined timetable for when it could appear. In parallel, WhatsApp Business users have seen a new update to answer messages quickly from the notification bar. If we combine it with this future function, we see that WhatsApp intends to enhance communication between businesses and users.

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The fact of showing nearby stores is a step for WhatsApp to begin to compete with other applications that also allow you to find businesses based on location, such as Google Maps, Foursquare or TripAdvisor. The future of WhatsApp is very open and foreseeably next year it will begin to receive a series of functions that take it away considerably from what we have had to date.

Via | Wabetainfo