Tuesday, July 5

WhatsApp releases API for free use of the cloud app | Digital Trends Spanish

The world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, released its API, WhatsApp Cloud, for all companies around the world. Introduced in beta testing last November, the new developer tool is a cloud-based version of the WhatsApp Business API, the messaging app’s first revenue-generating business product, but hosted on the parent company’s infrastructure. Goal.

The idea of ​​releasing this API is that small businesses can save costs in the implementation of this app.

The company had been building its Business API platform in recent years as one of the key ways the free messaging app would make money. Businesses pay for WhatsApp per message, with rates varying by region and the number of messages sent.

The cloud-based version, however, is aimed at appealing to a smaller enterprise market and cuts integration time from weeks to just minutes, the company said. It’s also free.

During the live event “Conversations” focused on Meta messaging today, Meta CEO, mark zuckerbergannounced the global and public availability of the cloud-based platform, now called WhatsApp Cloud API.

“The best business experiences meet people where they are. Already more than 1 billion users connect with a business account through our messaging services every week. They are looking for help, to find products and services, and to buy anything from high-cost items to everyday products. And today, I am pleased to announce that we are opening WhatsApp to any business of any size around the world with the WhatsApp Cloud API,” he said.

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