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WhatsApp: this is how the reactions will be seen in the messages | Digital Trends Spanish

With a test on some iOS phones, WhatsApp is already testing reactions to messages and group polls, and the people of WaBETAinfo published the first images of what they will look like.

WhatsApp beta version enables the reactions feature. As of now, there are only six different emojis available: thumbs up, red heart, laughter, surprised face, sad face, and thank you.

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It is expected that in the coming weeks, the people of WhatsApp will make these functions available to all its users.

whatsapp reactions

Surveys on WhatsApp

But there is more to WhatsApp as the Meta app further announced that they are testing group polls and also showed what they look like.

the publication Wabetainfo explains:

“As you can see in this screenshot, we have finally figured out the interface for sending a survey. If you haven’t voted on a poll yet, you can choose the option to vote. When you press “Vote”, the selected option will be shared with other participants in the group. Please note that the group surveys, your choices and your response, are end-to-end encrypted, so no one can see the content of the survey, not even WhatsApp.

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