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WhatsApp – tips and tricks for operation

WhatsApp record on New Year’s Eve

In Germany, the mobile messenger service WhatsApp has established itself as the most popular application among smartphone users.

On December 31, 2019, users of the app sent messages at record levels worldwide. A press release by the group available to Sky News shows that on that day 100 billion messages were sent globally via Messenger, more than ever before in one day. In Germany alone, more than two billion messages were exchanged on WhatsApp last New Year’s Eve, reports T-Online.

The basic functions such as sending short messages, pictures, videos and voice messages are known to the majority of users, while some other useful functions and tricks are only very few.

Better communication within groups

Regular updates provide WhatsApp with new features again and again, and you quickly lose track of the possibilities the Messenger offers at all.

Here small tips and tricks are presented that every user should know. These functions apply across platforms for both Android and for iOS.

Communication within particularly active groups can be made clearer thanks to a number of functions. Members of the group can, for example, specifically reply to a message from a group member. All you have to do is slide the message to be answered from left to right, and a text field opens in which the comment or answer can be written.

Another feature is provided by keyboard shortcuts that display messages in bold, italic or strikethrough. This is not new, but only very few use it. To make a message or individual words bold, an asterisk must be placed in front of and behind the desired * text *.

Messages can be shown in italics by means of underscores, the same principle applies here: _Text_.

Tilden make a message appear crossed out: ~ Text ~.

Delete messages

Anyone who frequently sends long voice messages knows the problem, the microphone button must be kept pressed, otherwise the recording will stop.

But it doesn’t have to be anymore, WhatsApp has developed a lock function for this. When starting the voice message, the user only has to pull the symbolized microphone upwards until a lock appears. In order to finally send the message, the symbol must then be tapped once again.

If a message has been sent in text, image or video format by mistake or to the wrong addressee, the message can be deleted in next to no time. To do this, you have to press and hold down what has been sent until a dialog box appears that enables deletion. The recipient will then only see “This message has been deleted”. However, this function cannot revoke downloads; that is, it only fulfills its purpose if the addressee has neither seen nor downloaded the image, video or message.

Protect privacy

WhatsApp also offers one or the other tool to better protect your own privacy.

Without further settings, everyone can see the profile picture of a person, provided that they have saved the number of that person. However, this can be restricted in the settings with just a few clicks. Click on “Settings”, “Account”, “Privacy”, here you can restrict access to the profile picture.

Additional settings can be made in the data protection settings to protect your privacy. In this way, the user can determine who or whether anyone can see when they were last online. Your own status and information can also be selectively hidden.

Another sub-item in the data protection settings allows you to deactivate the read confirmation, i.e. the blue tick.

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