Sunday, November 28

WhatsApp wants to be Discord: discovered traces of “communities” that include groups in its beta

Various media have discovered Clues recently about an experiment they might be testing internally on WhatsApp: unite several of your groups under a kind of more global community. Something like WhatsApp looking more like a Discord, or a Slack.


WhatsApp groups within WhatsApp groups

We can use as an example the messaging groups of parents of students, which could all be included under one of these “communities” with the name of the school. And to that we could also add private groups with teachers, or groups to coordinate specific events.

According to screenshots released by WABetaInfo, users will be able to create a new community as if it were just another group chat. The difference is in the icon, which will be more square and with rounded edges. Administrators will be able to invite other people to join a community through a link:

communities link invitation whatsapp beta

It’s not clear from the interface, but in theory there should be a way to add the service’s messaging groups within these communities. This would be testing in some beta versions for iOS and Android, and at the moment it seems that its launch is a long way off.

But even so this clue gives us to understand that in WhatsApp they want to expand their service and become more like more complete chat services. Rivals like Telegram also plan news such as announcements in their conversations and subscriptions to hide, with which the competition is served.

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