Tuesday, November 30

WhatsApp Web and Desktop can now be used without the mobile having to be connected to the Internet at all times

We knew that WhatsApp I was working in which the WhatsApp Web and Desktop versions they were more independent. Until now, to use these versions it was necessary that we keep our mobile connected to the Internet permanently, but that is now history.

Finally, it seems that the multi-device support It goes to its stable phase, as we have seen from Xataka. When accessing WhatsApp Web, the platform will tell us that there is an update and that now we can use it without having the mobile connected at all times.

From this medium we have been able to access using the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS (, WhatsApp Web version 2.2142.12 and WhatsApp Desktop version 2.2140.12. Surely it is a matter of time before it reaches the rest of the devices.

Has the mobile been switched off? No problem

For practical purposes, the operation of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop is the same. The only difference is that now it will not be necessary to keep the mobile connected to the Internet at all times, something that under what circumstances may not be possible.

According to the app itself, you can use WhatsApp in four paired devices and one phone at a time. What does that mean? That we can log in on four computers, tablets or laptops, but we cannot have it operational on two mobiles at the same time.

You can chat, and even make calls and video calls

From Xataka we have been able to verify that both versions, both Desktop and Web, work independently. We have put the airplane mode on the mobile and we have been able to continue chatting without any problem. It’s more, we have been able to make calls and video calls from WhatsApp Desktop with the mobile offline.

The deployment seems to have already begun, but it is not known how long it will take to be available to all users. Hopefully it is a matter of time and that it does so sooner rather than later, as it always happens with the functions that come to WhatsApp.


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