Monday, November 29

WhatsApp Web is on its premiere: you can now create stickers from any chat

WhatsApp Web is being updated with an interesting novelty, to create stickers in just a couple of clicks, as we read in Genbeta. The function is being rolled out globally for all users (no need to be enrolled in the WhatsApp beta) and, in the coming weeks, it will reach the application in a desktop version.

The new WhatsApp Web feature

WhatsApp Web has just been updated with a new feature for create stickers from any chat window. At the time of writing this article, it is available in Spain to any user, regardless of whether or not they have signed up for the WhatsApp beta program.

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Stickers on WhatsApp Web are created in just a few seconds. We load the image and the tool creates it automatically

The tool is more than intuitive, and you just have to open any WhatsApp chat, click on the icon of the clip, give the new function stickers and create the one we want. It is enough to load the JPEG or PNG image that we want and the tool automatically takes care of creating the sticker.

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We can also edit said sticker, cutting it, adding text, emojis and more. Simple editions to give a personalized touch to the content that we are going to send, all without leaving the chat window.

From the mobile we can save these stickers as favorites to be able to send them at any time to another chat, and contacts can also save them. In the coming weeks the function will arrive on the desktop app since, at the moment, it is only available on WhatsApp Web.

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