Friday, December 3

WhatsApp Web is updated with a sticker creator | Digital Trends Spanish

WhatsApp has added a new feature to WhatsApp Web, which will further democratize the popular stickers: a very simple and effective creator of stickers.

The stickers they are created from images already stored on the computer, by pressing the corresponding button in the chat window. Once the image is uploaded, a variety of edits can be created ranging from custom cutouts to adding emojis, text, or freehand lines and figures.

Perhaps the cropping option is the most useful, as it will allow you to create stickers of faces and expressions that are very popular among people who use WhatsApp.

The creator of stickers Custom is already available in the web version of WhatsApp, but will be released later in the desktop application as well. WhatsApp has not given a specific date for this launch and they have limited themselves to saying that this will happen over the next few weeks, in a staggered launch.

This creator of stickers it had been anticipated some time ago, thanks to the information captured by the WABetaInfo site. And it is a nice addition for WhatsApp, because the use of stickers is widespread and until now, users had to use external tools for their custom designs.

However, the question is in the air as to whether WhatsApp will ever launch a similar function for the mobile version on Android or iOS. Because although the applications for creating the stickers are simple to use and are available to everyone, they integrate one within WhatsApp itself, as just happened in WhatsApp Web, it would be the best solution for all those who distribute stickers piecework.

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