Thursday, October 6

Wheat supercampaign secures record liquidation of agro-dollars

The truth is the great engine of foreign exchange income in the last part of the year and it can be expected that during the first months of 2022, it is the exceptional wheat harvest. In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture recently confirmed that the campaign already exceeds 22 million tons.

In this regard the minister Julian Dominguez expressed: “I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the producers and acknowledge their effort. With the increase in the planted area, investments in technology and good agricultural practices, added to favorable weather conditions, they made this historic harvest possible. “

As explained from the agricultural portfolio, the data show that production already triples the consumption of the domestic market. In addition, an estimated 12.5 million tons of export have already been recorded, which means 1.2 million more than the total exported in the previous harvest. In this sense, Domínguez remarked: “I want to reaffirm to the producers that these volumes allow them to market their harvest with ease without responding to speculative pressures.”

In this way, from the ministry they detail, to clear any doubts from the productive sector, that with the final numbers of the harvest, in mid-January, a record export can be ratified. Meanwhile, during the second half of January, all the members of the wheat chain will be summoned to determine the equilibrium volumes.

The truth is that beyond the equilibrium volumes established by the national government to ensure the supply in the domestic market of key crops for food production such as wheat and corn, the sector continues to project a sustained inflow of foreign exchange for the first months of next year because in practice the exportable balances would continue practically unchanged than in the current season.

Specifically, according to projections, in January they would enter more than US $ 3,000 million and in February about US $ 2,300 million. Values ​​also widely higher than what the field contributed a year ago.