Friday, September 29

When and how can you request a vote by mail for 23J

The electoral advance to July 23, announced this Monday by Pedro Sánchez, will lead Spaniards to vote in general for the first time on summer vacation. Although elections had already been held in June on several occasions and even on December 20, in 2015 with Mariano Rajoy, there have never been general elections in Spain during the months of July and August.

Heat, vacations and the procedures for voting by mail: the risks for participation of calling elections in July


The appointment will foreseeably coincide with the vacation trips of a large part of the voters, who will be able to take advantage of the alternative of voting by mail as long as they are not summoned to form part of the polling stations, since in that case the trips are not a valid argument to avoid Quote.

Voting by mail can be requested from the day after the official publication of the elections in the BOE, that is, from this Wednesday, May 31 if, as planned, the call is published this Tuesday. To request this electoral modality, you simply have to go to a Post Office, fill out the request, specifying the province in which you are registered and the address where you want to receive the documentation. It is also necessary to show the ID.

The period to request a vote by mail will end on July 13, ten days before election day. Vote by mail procedures are expected to take longer due to the coincidence with the holidays. In addition, some branches enjoy reduced working hours during the summer months and there has not yet been any communication on whether the workers’ hours will be maintained.

Correos can only send the electoral documentation to applicants from the 34th day after the call, which would be June 2. In any case, the reception of the electoral documentation at the addresses would be scheduled between July 5 and 16 and it is mandatory to collect it personally, so the Post Office worker will not be able to deliver it to any other person (neither a family member, nor a neighbor or goalie). There is the option of picking it up at the Post Office corresponding to the census address if, after several attempts by the postman, the person remains untraceable.

Once the ballots with the selected lists are included in the corresponding Congress and Senate envelopes and the census file in the envelope, the voter can send their vote at the Post Office, never from a mailbox, “in any case before the third day prior to the holding of the election. In this case, the deadline would be July 19, although it is not ruled out that it will be extended, as has happened on other occasions.