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When Carlos Chamarro convinced a thief to take care of his van

We remember Carlos Chamarro (Barcelona, ​​1973) in front of a coffee machine with his short-sleeved shirt, a strident tie –even tacky– and with a little hairstyle with a side parting. It was Julián Palacios in ‘Camera Café’, a series that this year has been turned into a film and that has just finished shooting under the direction of Ernesto Sevilla. This summer, the actor stars in ‘Lost’, a comedy with Agustín Jiménez in the courtyard of the Quique San Francisco Theater. But he also continues to do various interviews on the Instagram account that he shares with his wife, the also actress Yolanda Vega. He arrives on the set of Taller de Ideas (TDI) with his puppy Denzel and with an anecdote that happened to him twenty-five years ago and starring himself and a very kind thief …

You have come with your dog, do you take it with you everywhere?

Well yes, as he is such a friendly little dog, he behaves so well and is so small, I can take him almost anywhere, as if he were my little son. I call these kinds of dogs ‘cushion dogs’. They are not the kind that you have to constantly take them out and run and run. This one gets tired right away.

Did you also take it to the premiere of ‘Lost’?

Well, I was going to take it, but since I didn’t know who I could leave it with where we do the show, I finally left it at home. What’s more, after the premiere, instead of celebrating it, I went home because I wanted to take it out so that I wouldn’t be alone for so long.

Tell us about ‘Lost’. A comedy about complicated relationships …

In ‘Lost’, the viewer meets two normal people, who may have a life not so much as anodyne, but very normal. At a certain point, they consider what it should be like to get out of our relationships and share. It is not an exchange of couples, but they do give each other permission to see how – without any jealousy – they would be given now, after so many years of marriage, that of flirting. And there, as it is something new for them, they get a pretty fat one.

You have just finished filming ‘Camera Café’. What a responsibility to bring the series to the big screen …

Yes, and more after so many years. The truth is that the script is very successful, because the starting point is what you recognized from the series, which were some guys in front of a coffee machine, but, suddenly, you start to move around that company that you never saw, for the offices, you go out into the streets … I think it’s a perfect script and the film is very well directed by Ernesto Sevilla. A movie has been marked with tributes to filmmakers like Scorsese or Coppola! When you see it, you think: this is going to be a success. I’m already looking forward to it being released, but we already know that these things are slow …

How has it been to get back into the shoes of Julián Palacios?

It was getting to where we were filming, greet the teammates and… Action! You snapped your fingers and you were already in character. When I put on a short-sleeved shirt and a garish tie, I realized that I was back in character. The reunion was very cool and very easy.

Does Carlos Chamarro have something from Julián Palacios?

I think so. Like Julian, I am quite a trade unionist. I am a humble family uncle, that things are what they are and that the same thing that I may have, the other also deserves it, so I fight a lot for others. What happens is that Julián, then, is very turncoat and, after fighting a lot, he said: “Well, this is me and the others who can manage.” I don’t have that.

What you do have is a left hand in general, in everyday life …

Yes … There is an example that exemplifies it very well. It happened when I was in the Comediants theater group and we inaugurated the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC). At that time, I had a butane orange Volkswagen van, the kind that has a kitchenette inside, a bed and a roof that you could lift to cook. The good thing about the site is that you could park very well. As I told you, I was doing a very tired show and I had a bad voice …

And it seems that this is something that has significance with what happened to the van …

As it is. One day, I finish the show, I leave the theater, I go to look for my van, which I had parked in a very long street. When I arrive I see that it is not there. It was one in the morning and, instead of the van, I see a truck. Suddenly, I keep walking a bit and I see that behind the bed of the truck, is my orange butane van. I say: “Damn, what a scare! Thank goodness!” But, at that point, I take out the keys and, when I go to get between the truck and the nose of my van to go to the driver’s seat, I see that the sliding door opens and a man comes out, to whom from now we’ll call thief, with the wheel chains and the toolbox.

What you say?

The guy gets out of the van, he stares at me as if to say: “What’s wrong?” I stare at him, as if to say, “It’s my van!” And he asks me: “Where are you from?” To which I reply: “From here.” He didn’t believe me because the license plate on the van –which I had bought from my father-in-law– was from Madrid, so he tried to verify that, indeed, the vehicle was mine. To prove it, I showed him that typical sticker that we had at that time with a letter ce from Catalonia and with that he was more or less convinced. He without letting go of the toolbox and the chains, and I was very tired and voiceless from the function. He saw that I was a tiny, skinny guy who didn’t have a voice or a lot of energy and he must have thought: “We’re not going to fight because I smack him twice and leave him here dry.”

But the story does not end there. In the end, you got a good deal.

Yeah, but before that, at one point, I think, “Hey, how did this guy get in the van? He must have broken something!” I ask him if he has broken my window and he answers: “No, no, no. I have not broken the window. I have lowered the window, I opened the door and I entered through the driver’s door.” And I ask him: “Are you sure?” And I say: “Let’s see …” I take it to the height of the window and we see that, indeed, it is not broken. At that point he had already left the two things he was going to steal inside the van. I had started talking a lot, all verbiage, and, in the end, the man was tired, he wanted to go home. He was more disoriented than I was.

I’d be freaking out because of how heavy you got …

So, I say to him: “Hey, what’s your name? My name is Carlos.” His name was Omar. We shake hands and I tell him: “Now we have a problem. I’m going to be here working all season. Tomorrow I’m going to park again here because I don’t have money for a parking space and I have to park on the street. what’s going to happen tomorrow? Are you going to come again to rob me? It just doesn’t make any sense. ” And he says: “No, no. Don’t worry, I, Omar, watch your van.” And indeed, in all the time I was at the TNC, no one did anything to the van. Omar kept his word.

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