Tuesday, May 17

When could Windows 11 finally arrive? | Digital Trends Spanish

While we started hearing about Windows 11 long before its official launch event on June 24, there is still no official date for its final arrival.

The company has barely pointed out that this could be on vacation, thus leaving a lot of room for speculation. And it seems that the rumors and interest in Microsoft’s new operating system increase with the days.

In accordance with The VergeSources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” indicate that the company would aim to launch Windows 11 in October.

Thus, according to the media “the company’s tracks seem to focus on October 20 as a possible launch date.”

Additionally, most of Microsoft’s press images for the new Windows include the date October 20 on the taskbar along with the time set to 11:11 am.

Meanwhile, another marketing image also includes the date of October 6, so almost all the attention is focused on that month.

On the other hand, Walmart also promises a “free update to Windows in October of this year when it is available”, on several of the laptops it sells.

This after Microsoft offered Windows 11 as a free update for Windows 10 devices starting this holiday, which could explain why Walmart has announced an update for October.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, we have only seen a small part of what the company’s new operating system can offer, so it is normal that the expectation on the part of users to have Windows 11 soon increases.

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