Friday, September 22

When Elías Bendodo took the photo in Times Square that now criticizes Irene Montero

“Landed groupies in Times Square.” This is how the general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, described the images broadcast on social networks by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, and some of her companions on the official trip that the leader of Podemos has made to the US. ” traced to the current Number Three by Alberto Núñez Feijóo starred in 2016.

Bendodo was at that time president of the Diputación de Málaga and Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning, a public company of the organization. The PP leader traveled to the US on several occasions to “promote” his province as a vacation destination. Among his contacts, as can be seen in the tweet published by himself, the City Sightseeing bus company.

The general coordinator of the PP has criticized the minister’s trip for giving the image of “total free vacation” and because they have only seen a “photo with friends in emblematic places” in New York.

Asked about the recent trip of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to Miami, where she has visited a roundabout with a red bear, has gone to a baseball game and has given an interview in the Nuevo Herald, or the one she did in 2021 precisely to New York. There she took a photo in Times Square with her entire team.

In that image, published by El Español, appears Ayuso, his Cabinet director, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, and various collaborators of the president. It is not the only one. In other photos, the group is seen eating and drinking on the streets of the Big Apple or posing with a doll of a large gorilla in a store.

Ayuso returned on another trip to the US in the middle of Christmas. According to his team, he met with the mayor of the city to talk about the Isabel Zendal hospital and the management of the pandemic, as well. There he took a photo that he later posted on his own Instagram.

Bendodo’s words, and the immediate relationship with Ayuso’s trip, have provoked the reaction of the Madrid president, who has published her agenda for that 2021 trip on Twitter.

For the PP, Bendodo’s trips or Ayuso’s multiples are fully justified. But those of Irene Montero, the director of his Cabinet, the Secretary of State for Equality and one of the ministry’s advisers, no. For this reason, the PP has announced through the mouth of Bendodo himself that he will ask about the content of the trip, the expenses involved and the real reason, after number three of the PP has ensured that only “photos with the friends in the Washington landmarks.

But a review of Montero’s agenda on the Moncloa website is enough to check the events planned for each day. The Minister for Equality has met with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Director of UN Women, Sima Bahous; with the director of Women’s Affairs of the State of New York, Emily Kadar; or with the Executive Director of the White House Gender Policy Council, Jennifer Klein, among others.