Wednesday, December 7

When Olona gives her conference in a luxury hotel with Mario Conde: duck confit and “dearest Macarena”

Cordovan salmorejo covered with ham and quail egg; duck confit, potato cream and its jacket; San Marcos cake with vanilla ice cream from Madagascar; coffee and mignadirses. This is the menu that the hundred or so guests at the conference that Macarena Olona gave in one of the halls of the Hotel Alfonso XIII of the Andalusian capital, and which has been organized by the Rotary Club Seville Corporate.

Vox closes the door on Olona’s return: “This is the end of the road”

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The intention of the former far-right leader was to speak about the decisions made by the Government of the nation during the state of alarm with a conference entitled ‘The defense of rights and freedoms through the Constitutional Court: The unconstitutionality of the alarm states’. The same one that she has taken a few days ago to universities like Granada but with a very different reception.

Seen the atmosphere in one of the most luxurious hotels in the Andalusian capital, his statements, and how the times are shortened in the face of the 2023 electoral appointments, his presence in the centenary Sevillian hotel has had more political overtones than jurists. He has also helped the walk that he has taken between the outer door of the famous establishment (where he got out of a Peugeot) and the main entrance where he has allowed himself to be accosted by the press and admirers.

It has been an appointment in which the huddle with the press without microphones or cameras has had more informative value than the declarations at the doors of the act. By the way, apart from those accredited, Rotary has provided access to lunch to all media that have requested it.

Before lunch, Olona, ​​beer in hand, to which he has only taken two sips, has been honest before the media who have demanded a bit of talk without pressure. She has bitten her tongue when talking about things that, it shows, still hurt her from her stage and farewell to Vox, and has revealed that “a party that does not yet exist” has proposed her to be a candidate in the Valencian elections next May . Although she has pointed out that, “as my dear friend Meloni (extreme right-wing leader who has just won the elections in Italy) has said, it is time to work and govern together, therefore right now it would be irresponsible to create a political party. I will be available for when Vox cannot fly the flag that it now flies exclusively.”

At that point, he could not help but put up with the jokes that in Valencia, due to his Alicante origin, he would not have problems registering, while he was made to see that he did not wear a bracelet with the Andalusian flag on his wrist. “The Salobreña flag is missing”, they have joked with her.

Mario Conde: “I know very little about Macarena”

Already stuck in flour, Mario Conde has served as Olona’s master of ceremonies. “You cannot build a society from a false equality -between classes-“, said the ex-banker convicted of fraud and misappropriation, among other things, speaking of the different social classes of any city, to later point out that “Macarena I know very little, practically nothing, but he is a person who shines”. The former banker maintains that, when he learned of her existence, “ask who she is, because I am not in politics”, and has emphasized several times that “no”, she will not be part of any political party.

He has said that he has had contact with the former candidate twice. Later, Olona has raised the figure to three, remembering that they talked about her when he dedicated a “very affectionate” article to her last summer. Yes, it is true that she has asked Conde not to justify himself in that sense: “We are already grown-ups.” However, rumors have not stopped running around the room about possible contacts they may have now or in the future.

Apologies to Andalusia

Micro in hand, Olona knew that there were at least two tables of guests with journalists working, and has begun by asking “apologies to Andalusia”, because “despite having been for reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to keep the word given ”. “I can only say that I am directing all the steps I am taking to fulfill my commitment to Andalusia, which was to give myself body and soul”, in addition to the fact that “I left abruptly in circumstances that I hope would never have occurred”.

Among the public there were not many familiar faces, but there were some like Luis Oliver, the former director, among others, of Real Betis. He has not intervened in the debate nor has he asked Olona anything, but he has been officially introduced to the former deputy before the act begins.

The appointment was structured in such a way that the speaker would carry out her speech, rest for a few minutes to have lunch, and then answer questions from the public. The questions (some) have shown what was suspected: that former Vox militants and supporters of Olona herself have traveled kilometers (from Badajoz, Cádiz or Madrid) to be present at the lunch. If the woman from Alicante needed proof that she can find support among Abascal’s rebels, she already has it.

A man from Badajoz named Juan Antonio Morales has asked her to lead a project “to get us out of the storm clouds that are coming,” but she has avoided answering so as not to leave the legal environment in which she had been summoned. A second question has been headed with a “Macarena, we love you”, by the president of the Association of Jurists of the official shift in Seville. The lawyer Elena Calonge led her speech with “dearest Macarena”, and was later followed by a businesswoman from Madrid, Sandra Martín, a Cadiz woman who identified herself as “a former trench companion from Macarena”, or Pedro, “a citizen concerned about Spain ”, which has asked when a change of “regime” in the country. Olona has used all her political experience to turn the question around and not answer it.

However, apparently it was not a political act. Luis Romero, the criminal lawyer and president of the Rotary Club, has wanted to make it clear, who has defended that politicians of all kinds go through and will go through acts like these.

Olona has shaken hands, kissed and chatted with everyone she wanted and could. When the act arose, she and Conde were each at one end of the room after sharing a table.