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“When the policeman accompanied me home, he tried to kiss me”: war in the Paiporta Local Police for deplorable actions in gender violence

“When the police came, [el presunto agresor] He told them it was a simple couple’s argument, and they left it at home with me “;” The policeman who attended me did not believe me when I went to report it, telling me that I had dreamed it “;” In the first complaint, the police asked whether I had drunk or taken drugs “;” I see my attacker drinking beers of laughter with the policemen who treated me “;” When the policeman accompanied me home, he tried to kiss me “.

These are some of the tremendous testimonies of victims of sexist violence on alleged actions of agents of the Local Police of Paiporta that emerged in an Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Violence organized by the Valencian town council on July 15, 2020 before all the components of the body. The psychologist of the Equality Area of ​​the Paiporta City Council, governed by the PSPV-PSOE and Compromís, projected a power point with testimonies of victims who had received treatment by certain uniformed men, deplorable at least.

“As dissatisfaction with what was taking place there, [varios agentes] they left the room outraged ashamed and feeling attacked by the accusations made in a conference organized by the Paiporta City Council itself, “reads a joint letter from the union sections of UGT, CSIF, SPPLB and CCOO to which has had access. The psychologist snapped at them: “You must get the bad apples out of the Police.”

The brief recognizes that the claims of the victims could be “constitutive of crimes.” Regarding one of the specific testimonies (“When the policeman accompanied me home, he tried to kiss me”), the person responsible for gender violence of the Local Police of Paiporta stated: “The chief has known about all this for a long time and has a name “, always according to the account of the unions.

The woman has subsequently suffered sexist comments from the JMPG officer, who told the agent: “You cannot be at the police station with mallitas marking your ass, here it is full of men.” The comments have earned the officer the opening of a file of confidential and disciplinary information, as reported by this newspaper. The union’s brief considers that the agent had violated the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence “by prejudging by affirming the action of the facts.”

As a result of the testimonies known in the conference, the consistory initiated a disciplinary file, instructed by a chief commissioner of the Local Police of another Valencian town. The investigation has concluded with the initiation of a disciplinary file against SLT, the chief inspector at the time when in practice he was acting as mayor of the body. A disciplinary file has also been filed against EM, an inspector with professional license number 154, to find out if he carried out inappropriate behavior during the care of an alleged victim of a sexual assault.

The Paiporta City Council has also ordered the establishment of a protocol for action by the Local Police in matters of gender violence to monitor the actions, in addition to a satisfaction survey of the victims to give a quick response to all the attitudes that they imply. malpractice.

Background of war in the Local Police of Paiporta

Behind these events there is a war in the Paiporta Local Police force that has included concentrations of retired agents demanding the head of the current mayor (“Go to your town”, read a banner). The union’s letter attributes to the chief inspector during the day on gender violence the role of “providing peace and tranquility given the seriousness of what was taking place.” The uniformed man, according to the union’s account, asked the inspector EM if the facts were true.

The unions criticize that the testimonies of the victims could range from disciplinary offenses to “criminal offenses”, such as the alleged crimes of denial of assistance, cover-up, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes or even sexual harassment. Thus, the union sections of the UGT, CSIF, SPPLB and CCOO ask the Paiporta City Council to carry out “appropriate actions” against the official and question whether it has kept the “appropriate secrecy and reserve in the use of the information to which it is accessed by reason of the position it occupies “.

Regarding the agent responsible for gender violence, who confirmed loudly the attempt by another policeman to kiss a complainant, the letter asks which police chief he refers to “when he states that he was aware of this” and if he has shared information “with personnel outside the Corps.”

Ultimately, the unions request that “the responsibilities that may have been committed” in the criminal and administrative sphere be purged in order to clean up the good name and the neat trajectory of the Paiporta Local Police Corps, which has become tainted with totally unfair and, to our knowledge, acting in bad faith. ”

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