Friday, August 12

When Vox promised to end the subsidies to Television Castilla y León to which it now delivers 20 million

It was a commitment by Vox in the electoral campaign of Castilla y León held in February: to eliminate the millionaire subsidy received annually by Televisión de Castilla y León, owned by businessman Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo and the family of José Luis Ulibarri, who was convicted in Gurtel.

It is a commitment that has not been fulfilled, since this Friday PP and Vox agreed on a new subsidy of more than 20 million euros for television, despite the fact that in 2018 the National Court described this type of subsidy as a contract for the provision of services subject to VAT- to private television that exploits its DTT license.

In the campaign, the then Vox candidate and current regional vice president, Juan García-Gallardo, granted an interview to TRECE (just as it was denied to in which this issue was addressed. The presenter of ‘Código Samboal’, Ana Samboal, asked the candidate what political expense she wanted to see disappear.

“There is a regional television that is private but subsidized to which 25 million euros are allocated. It is said soon. How many health centers… Those 25 million would be better used by opening health centers in the towns of Castilla y León”, replied García-Gallardo, who during the interview also criticized the “duplicity” of powers between the Board and foundations whose names he did not know.

In reality, the subsidies that television receives annually are 19 or 20 million euros. That of this year, which has come out later than in previous years, is 20.23 million euros – the amount of last year plus the CPI. Not only has that subsidy been renewed (with the rest of the political formations abstaining), but also precisely this week the closure of dozens of rural clinics due to the lack of doctors has been announced.

The solution offered by the Junta de Castilla y León —the PP manages Health— is to set up a taxi service (transport on demand) so that patients can travel to the nearest health center. Also in the electoral campaign, the current regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, undertook to “shield by law” the health services in the towns to prevent their closure.

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