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When will we be able to see the final season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix? | Digital Trends Spanish

Peaky Blinders began to say goodbye in a big way. The series created by Steven Knight already added 3.8 million viewers during the broadcast of the first chapter of the sixth season on the BBC.

The final season of the series arrived on BBC One on February 27 and a new chapter will be broadcast every Sunday until April 3. The problem is that the successful production, for now, is only available to the public in the United Kingdom, for the same reason, many fans from other territories are wondering when they will be able to see how the story of Birmingham’s most feared mafia family ends.

When is it coming to Netflix?

For now, the service streaming has the first five seasons of Peaky Blinders and still does not have the first chapter of the sixth cycle of the series. The production originally belongs to the BBC, so we will have to wait for the six episodes of the outcome to be broadcast by the English network before it is available on Netflix.

Thus, Peaky Blinders will not be available on Netflix before April 3. In fact, if the same thing happens that happened with season five, customers of this streaming service will have to wait for the series to end before being able to watch it on the platform.

A rumor that for now has not been confirmed is that the first chapter of season six of Peaky Blinders It could arrive on Netflix on Sunday, April 3. In this way, each of the episodes of the final season will be broadcast every Sunday, which should cover a period of six weeks.

Of course, confirmation by the streaming platform is still missing and this is something that lovers of Peaky Blinders outside the UK are looking forward to it.

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