Tuesday, October 26

Where are they going to live

You see photos like this and wonder where the people who used to live there are going to live. Can a house be rebuilt on that land? Well no. Lava can take years to solidify and leave the ground barren for several decades. And what people have to build elsewhere, how do you pay?

Today in chapter 3 of our podcast We spoke with the victims of another misfortune, the 2011 Lorca earthquake, who have a lot to warn the inhabitants of La Palma.

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Here you have a map of the buried houses under the lava tongue. We already have 185 located, but the count already rises to 200. The laundry is getting slower and slower so they may not touch the sea. It is good news because it means less destruction, less emission of toxic gases and fewer logistical complications, for example to move around the island for days.

  • Animals. We have visited an animal shelter, where many people have had to leave their pets after leaving their home. In some cases, they have been rescued by civil protection because they had been abandoned and locked in plots of dangerous areas.


Be careful with this. The Ministry of Health has detected an increase of 53% in the consumption of opiate painkillers in Spain. They are pills of products like fentanyl, very addictive, and it is very worrying because we have the example of the destruction it is causing in the US among the youth of different social classes. The billionaire family that owns one of the opioid manufacturing laboratories in the US has faced a massive lawsuit for “criminal organization”.

Before The Epidemic, fentanyl in the US was called an epidemic. Now we have the word almost reserved for Covid-19, which in Spain already drops to 74 cases of accumulated incidence. Closer and closer to the 50 we thought we would reach in May, before the fifth wave that put us back on our site. The large cities with the best incidence data are in Tenerife and Asturias, and the worst in Catalonia. You can see it on the map by municipalities.

Pedro Sánchez at the UN. The President of the Government, after passing through La Palma, intervened before the United Nations General Assembly, where it announced that Spain will donate 7 million more vaccines than initially promised. The truth is that the international vaccine donation system not working for now and in Catalonia they have already said that more than 70,000 vials have expired.

Do not pass

  • Pardons. The Supreme buries the criminal procedure against pardons to the procés and recalls the margin of the Government to grant them. The court has for the first time rejected a complaint against Pedro Sánchez for pardoning the nine convicted of the Catalan independence process.
  • Self-employed. The Government has to consider what to do with the so-called ‘strike’ of the self-employed implemented during the pandemic. Minister Escrivá proposes the abolition of the benefit for low-income self-employed, which is the one that adds more beneficiaries, in exchange that they do not have to pay the fee in the next few months.
  • It’s a barbarity: only 15% of abortions in Spain are performed in a public center. Why? Because public health refers patients to private health, and we pay that cost together, to avoid political conflicts of conscientious objection within hospitals. More context.
  • Too evergrande to fall. There is a Chinese real estate company called Evergrande that owns 1,300 real estate projects in more than 280 cities throughout China. Debts seem to drown it and if it sinks, it will have global repercussions.

Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know who are the four kings represented in the french deck of cards. They are: Alexander the Great (king of clubs), Charlemagne (king of hearts), Julius Caesar (king of diamonds) and King David (king of spades). During the revolutionary times, the characters were changed for other more republican ones such as writers, political or natural concepts (the king of freedom, the king of fire …).
  • He did not know that the letter Ñ is a graphical evolution of the double ‘nn’ they have some Latin words. The monks, for short, started making the second n on top of the first, so the ‘little virgin’ is actually a dwarfed n. From annus, years and from there to years. I also did not know that some languages ​​without contact with Spanish, such as some Aboriginal people in Australia, adopted the Ñ to represent traditional sounds and it is now part of their alphabet.
  • He did not know that chotis, the traditional dance from Madrid, actually originates from the dance of Schottisch, a supposedly Scottish dance performed by the Vienna aristocracy. It arrived in Madrid in 1850 and it is said that it was danced for the first time in the Royal Palace, known as the ‘German polka’.

Tomorrow is Friday and we read each other again.

A hug!