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Where is Panshir, the only region of Afghanistan that resists the Taliban



In just a few weeks the taliban they have managed to control everything Afghanistan. The insurgents encountered no resistance from the Afghan Army, trained with 300,000 men. The troops of the EE.UU. they were withdrawing and with it the advance of the Taliban took place.

Acceptance It has been the last city to fall in the Asian country, where the population already fears the new government that will come out of the Taliban, who will apply the ‘sharia’ with the reduction of freedoms that this entails.

However, there is a province within Afghanistan that has not been occupied by the Taliban. In fact, it was not in his day by the Soviet Union. Is he valle de Panshir, today isolated, and that now can be a stronghold that starts a revolt in the country.

Where is Panshir

Panshir is a valley that is located in the eastern Afghanistan, about 100 kilometers from the capital Kabul. It has an area of ​​3,600 square kilometers and around 170,000 people live within this province.

The capital is bazarak, which in turn forms a district of the other seven in the area: Abshar, Anaba, Darah, Khenj, Paryan, Rokha and Shotul.

The Panshir Valley is known to have had among its population a Ahmed Masud, or better known as the León de Panshir. He was a warlord, a leader in resistance first to the troops of the Soviet Union, and later to the Taliban movement during the war of the 1990s.

The insurgents failed to occupy the land during the period from 1996 to 2001. Finally, Masud was killed in a suicide bombing two days before the September 11 attacks in the United States.

Panshir: a revolutionary movement?

The advance of the Taliban caused the flight of the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, to the United Arab Emirates. Since then, the one who was vice president of the country, Amrullah SalehHe explained on social networks that he would now be the president, due to the power vacuum.

“I am within my country and I have the legitimacy to be president,” he said. Saleh cited the Constitution of Afghanistan, in which the vice president becomes president due to the absence, resignation or death of the president.

There is talk that Saleh would be calling for an insurrection against the Taliban from the Panshir area. At his side is the Lion’s son, Masud. He published a letter in the “Washington Post” claiming to be prepared to fight the Taliban.

“I am writing from the Panshir Valley today, ready to follow in my father’s footsteps, with Mujahideen fighters ready to fight the Taliban again,” he said. In addition, he added that he had soldiers from Afghan Army, who are “disgusted” by the surrender of their superiors.

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