Monday, November 29

Where is the famous giant corn from the videos on Tik Tok?

“My niece may fall on my head, but my corn will never.” With this description we see a video of Tik Tok where a monumental corn, with mayonnaise, cheese and perhaps chili “the one that stings”, which is hardly held with both hands by one person.

This corn has turned unstoppably through social networks in recent days, however, these videos began to be published on the account of @ elismaelotes1 since last July 31, with the legend “only in Oaxaca”.

It is a replica that, despite everything, has fallen in love with stomachs everywhere.

Users have tried to guess what it is really made of, some say fiberglass, others that materials such as plastic: “imagine biting it like that with all the illusions and knocking your teeth out because it is plastic,” commented a woman.

The clue of this replica takes us to the real ones that they offer in a corn business prepared in the city of Oaxaca, called El Isma Elotes, which he sells in one of the classic nomadic tricycles.

Given the curiosity of all people to find the giant corn, they have tirelessly asked where they are and “El Isma” always invites them to go to Oaxaca and send him a message to explain where he is at that time.

In other videos he also shows how they are eaten there: “Oaxacan who respects himself eats a lot of sauce and also with chapulines”. Furthermore, their skis are served on the same corn leaf.

The real giant corn

Although the giant corn kernels seem unattainable, the largest in the world are found in Jala, Nayarit, where it is said that they reached up to 60 centimeters long.

The Jala maize plant is a native breed of Mexico and was named “Biological, agricultural and cultural heritage of Nayarit”, It is up to five meters high and the ear has an average length of 30 centimeters.

The reasons have been studied for a long time, the people of the town believe it to be a miracle, others remember that it began when the Ceboruco volcano erupted in 1870 and dispersed its ashes as far as Jala.

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